Theatre Exam #2

The two fundamental notions of acting are?
Representational and Presentational
The type of performing that asks the actor to enter the mind of the character being played is?
Representational acting
Actors who study human behaviors from a broad range of historical periods, countries and social classes so as to apply them to creating characters to a variety of gramatic styles demonstrates technique of?
Presentational mode of acting
Why did the actor Polus who played the of electra brought ashes of his dead son on stage with him because?
He wanted to cry real tears lamenting death of his characters brother
Who said its better for an actor to imitate emotion better than to actually feel it?
Dennis Diderot
Constantine, the founder of Moskow art theatre said you must live the life of the character on stage is called?
Representational mode of acting
The term for tech skills needed for acting, focused on primaraily voice and body is?
An alternate meaning of presence that explains power of an actor beyond virtuosity is?
Projection of aura of magic of the divine
Zadacha refers to?
Character problem or goal and the actors desire to achieve it
Three main elements of actors approach is?
Goal, tactics, and researching style play and the mode of performance
Whats the actors instrument?
His or herself
Faculty which keeps actor in establish bounds and ensures artistic ability is?
Blocking is?
Stage movement
Directed stage actions that are scripted and physical behavior worked out in blocking is?
Stage business
Subtext refers to?
Characters unspoken communication or (un)described goals
Director has the following tasks:
Giving the play vision and purpose
Ancient greek word for director is?
Didaskalos which means teacher
18th/19th centaury emphasis on rationalism influenced the director role because?
Demands for historical accuracy, conduct research, organization and coordination
Directors primary responsibility is?
Invision main lines of the production and provide artistic leadership
According to Cohen, the first modern director was?
George II, Duke of Saxe-Neiningen
Who opened the theatre to infinite possibilities of Realistic/Naturalistic drama, and introduced psychological interpretation was?
Harley Grandville Barker
Stylizing directors are?
Unrestrained by ridged formulas, and realistic behaviors
Person responsible for financial and working close to the director is?
Director's concept of a play is?
Central idea which focuses on his/her interpretation
Core concept is?
Directors determination of most important of many images, ideas, emotions that will give production meaning
A high concept is?
Introduces, highly unexpected insights into characters story or style into familiar plays
Goals of staging?
NOT to renew interest in classic
Architecture of staging, timing, placement of characters entrances, exits, crosses, and major movements of characters is?
The term that refers to small scaled movement that a characters performs on a large pattern of entrances/exits?
The director spends most of his/her rehearsal time?
Coaching the actors
Rhythm of production that is sometimes confused with speed of actors delivery is called?
Type of rehearsal that occurs near the end of rehearsal process, before actors apply makeup is called?
Technical rehearsal
Thing that determines pace of play is?
Quantity/Quality of information conveyed to audience
Director should posses all of the following except?
Capable voice and athletic physique
Elements of play design are?
Scenery, costumes, sound amp, properties, lighting, sound score, and special affects
Order and process of developing design of play can be summarized as?
Reading the play, Researching, imagining, creating a physical presentation, calibrating, approving for budget, ensuring viability and implementing
Who takes part in design of play?
Everyone but the house manager
What stage is completely surrounded by the audience?
Arena stage
What stage is a bare room, variety of possibilities, and available to adapt to many types?
Black box
What stage has backstage activity?
What stage provides acting space and vary viewing stage?
The development of indoor theatre fostered the period of?
Scenery design
What kind of scenery attempts to depict where great detail of specific time and places in the observable world where events presume to take place is?
Realistic scenery
Evocative visual images to make visual statement about productions intended mood/theme or social implications is what kind of scenery?
Metaphorical scenery
The best design is?
Visual and spacial architecture of plays performance intrinsic to the plays action
The traditional building blocks of stages scenery are?
Flats, platforms and drapery
What do platforms create?
Elevated space for actors, and different height levels on stage
Set pieces are?
Unique special objects which become focus points for overall setting design
Flats are?
Sturdy wooden frames covered in hard surfaces can represent- walls, ceilings, gardens, skylines, oceans, etc.
In Waiting for Godot, the primary set piece is?
A tree
Turn tables, elevators, wagons, hoists, cranes, rolling carts are what?
Stage machinery
Invention which brought lighting to stage in modern form?
Gas light
Theatricalist use of lighting is?
The lighting being exposed to the audience
Planned of series of plans showing the placement of each lighting instrument is?
Light plot
Ancient greek theatre costumes were?
Ceremonial vestments
The gown like costume called himation was derived from?
Priest who sang dithyramb
Elizabethin theatre costumes, regal nature was due to?
Regiment of nobility (hand-me-downs)
In renaissance Italy, costuming developed high degree of stylization in?
The commedia dell'arte
In renaissance Italy, what is commedia dell'arta?
A form of largely improvised mass street theatre
Stock character of dell'arta was?
Everyone but the merchant of venice
In dell'arta, the costume of each character signified?
The identity of the character
18th/19th demand for realism?
Concept and realizing of modern costuming
Modern costuming is the following functions?
NOT improve the diction of actors
Modern costume designer translates directors vision of play into?
Fabric, colors, shape and period
Makeup is?
Design of characters face
Makeup serves all of the following functions except?
Improve actors diction
Music in a play can establish what?
Time of day, year, weather, and local
Sounds can be?
Not accidental
Example of stereo phonically localized sound designed is?
Airplane flying from left to right
Projection design is?
Visual images projected onto stage or throughout the theatre
Who is person responsible for operation or building of stage machinery/scenery, scheduling lighting, moving scenery in/out of theatre and establishing policies?
Technical director
Who supervises implementation and costume designs, and personal for dyers/cutters/stichers/drapers?
Costume director