37 terms

AP Spanish IV Other Useful Expressions

Ahora mismo
right now, immediately
Al parecer
apparently, seemingly
Al revés
upside down, inside out, backwards
Aprender de memoria
to memorize
Contar con
to count on
Cuanto antes
as soon as possible
De antemano
Dejar caer
to drop
Dejarse de bromas
to stop kidding
Dormir a pierna suelta
to sleep like a log
Encogerse de hombros
to shrug one's shoulders
Estar harto de
to be fed up with
Haber de
to have to
Hasta la fecha
up until now
Llevar a cabo
to carry out, to accomplish, to finish
Llevarse bien con
to get along well, to be on good terms with
Llevarse mal con
to get along poorly, to be on bad terms with
Llover a cántaros
to rain cats and dogs
Me da igual
its the same to me (it doesn't matter)
Mejor dicho
rather, in other words
Mientras tanto
No cabe duda
there is no question or room for doubt
No hay remedio
it can't be helped
No importa
it doesn't matter
Oír decir que
to hear that
Oír hablar de
to hear (tell) that
Pagar al contado (en efectivo)
to pay in cash (two)
Parece mentira que
it's hard to believe that
Pedir prestado
to borrow
Perder la vista
to lose sight of
Perder el tiempo
to waste one's time
Poco a poco
Ponerse de acuerdo
to agree
Sano y salvo
safe and sound
Tocarle a uno
to be one's turn
Tomarle el pelo a alguien
to pull someone's leg
Valer la pena
to be worthwhile, to be worth the trouble