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California's Central Valley

Sacramento Valley
San Joaquin Valley

Sacramento Valley

has 1/3 of the land, but 2/3 of the water

San Joaquin Valley

has 2/3 of the land, but 1/3 of the water

Red Bluff

has the highest precipitation in California's Central Valley

Bakersfield and Fresno

sell over 3 billion dollars in products

Where is rice concentrated?

Sacramento Valley

What are the summers like in the Sacramento Valley?

Warm summers great for growing rice because there is plenty of water.

What is the main use of grapes in Fresno?


High quality wine comes from where?

The Napa Valley


less cotton today than historically

Alfalfa is grown

everywhere in the central valley


# 1 dairy state
20% of the fluid milk in the U.S.

How long does rice take to mature

4 months

Average farm in the Central Valley is

4-6 thousand acres

Farm Land

Mexican workers paid to harvest
Spanish starts to increase
Mexican stores become more prevalent
Workers send money back home

Why is poverty so high in leading agricultural counties?

Agricultural workers are paid minimum wage for their work.

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