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The cotton gin:

B) made possible efficient separation of seeds from fiber

The settlement of the West was accelerated by Cyrus McCormick's invention of the:

A) mechanic reaper


B) brought cheaper and faster two-way traffic to the Mississippi Valley

The Erie Canal did all of the following EXCEPT:

A) bankrupt New York State with its huge cost

The textile plant established in Waltham, Massachusetts, in 1813:

A) manufactured finished cloth

The Rhode Island or Fall River systems differed from that of Lowell in that:

A) whole families were often employed

The New England textile industry's use of water power:

C) dramatically altered the region's ecology

The most popular form of indoor entertainment in the first half of the nineteenth century was:


Antebellum minstrel shows:

C) might have featured the songs of Stephen Foster

In antebellum theaters, audiences:

C) responded vocally to the quality of performances

The major impetus for the huge Irish immigration to the United States after 1845 was:

A) a deadly potato famine

In terms of political behavior, the Irish:

C) generally supported Democrats

By 1860, one would be most likely to encounter Norwegian and Swedish immigrants in:

A) Wisconsin and Minnesota

The German migration to the United States:

B) often ended in St. Louis, San Antonio, or Milwaukee

The largest group of immigrants living in America in 1860 was:


The Know-Nothings campaigned primarily to:

A) limit immigrant influence

The various Workingmen's parties failed for all the following reasons EXCEPT:

C) most workers had no serious problems

A large strike led by Massachusetts shoemakers in early 1860:

C) won higher wages and union recognition

Physicians in the early 1800s:

C) included very few women

The newest and fastest-growing profession in the United States by 1860 was:


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