History Chapter 14

As president, William Henry Harrison:
B) died after only a month in office
William Henry Harrison:
C) was elected more on his military record than for his stand on the issues
When editor John L. O'Sullivan wrote of "manifest destiny," he meant that American westward expansion:
A) was sanctioned by God
The majority of Spanish-speaking people in the Southwest lived in:
C) New Mexico
The Americans known as "mountain men" who blazed western trails were:
B) fur trappers
Spain began to settle California in 1769 to protect it from the encroachment of the:
Spanish missions established in California:
A) sought to turn Indians into hard-working Christians
By the late 1820s, American ships had begun to arrive in California seeking especially to acquire:
C) cow hides and tallow
After Mexico gained its independence in 1821, the Santa Fe Trail established vigorous commerce between New Mexico and:
With the onset of the California gold rush in 1849, Plains Indians, led by the Cheyenne:
C) seized the opportunity to supply buffalo meat and skins to the white pioneers
In the 1820s, Stephen F. Austin:
B) encouraged thousands of Anglos to settle in Texas
At the Battle of the Alamo:
A) the Mexicans won a costly victory
At the Battle of San Jacinto:
B) Santa Anna was captured
Congress voted to annex Texas:
C) between Polk's election and his inauguration
According to Henry Clay, annexation of Texas:
C) was "dangerous to the integrity of the Union"
As president, Polk supported all of the following EXCEPT:
A) internal improvements
Polk ordered Zachary Taylor to move his troops to the Rio Grande to:
A) provoke a Mexican attack
California's Bear Flag Republic:
A) lasted only a month until American rule was established
All of the following resulted from the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo EXCEPT:
B) U.S. troops continued to occupy Mexico
Which of the following statements about the Mexican War is NOT
B) It was one of the most unselfish wars in history.