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Nouns that end in 'o' are...


Lakes, Mtns, rivers, seas, Months, days of the week, numbers, colors, and trees are...


Nouns that end in -aje, -or, -án, -ambre are...


Compound nouns (i.e. el abrelates, el lavamanos, el parabrisas etc.) are...


Some that end in -ma are...


Nouns that end in 'a' are...


Letters of the alphabet and Islands are...


Nouns that end in -ción, -tad, -dad, -tud, -sión, -umbre, -ie, -sis, -itis are...


Ones that begin with -a or -ha are...

a no

If noun ends in -or, -ón, -ín, -és, feminine is formed by adding ____. Is the accent needed? (separate with space)

a nte ista

Some nouns ending in ___, ___, or ___ don't change endings (separate with space)


Can the following words be applied to both sexes by simply switching the article?: El angel, la estrella, el personaje, la persona, la víctima, and el ser

la baronesa

the baroness

la yegua

the mare

el carnero

the ram

la oveja

the ewe

la condesa

the countess

la emperatriz

the empress

la gallina

the hen

el marido

the husband

la marquesa

the marchioness

la poetisa

the poetess

el varón

the male

la hembra

the female

el yerno

the son in law

la nuera

the daughter in law

la corte

the court

la cometa

the kite

la capital

the capital city

la cura

the cure

la editorial

the publishing house

la frente

the forehead

la guía

the telephone guide or female guide

la orden

the religious order or command

la papa

the potato

la pendiente

the slope

la policía

the police force

la mano

the hand

el tranvía

the streetcar

la foto

the photo

la moto

the motercycle

el mapa

the map

la imagen

the image

el planeta

the planet

macho hembra

to specify animal gender you add _____ for males and _____ for females (separate with spaces)

remains the same changes

if noun ends in s already, the noun _______ but the article ______ (separate with space)


is word ends in a stressed án, és or ón, do you need an accent in the plural?


words that end in 'z' become __ in the plural


is the definite article used with generic nouns?


is the definite article used with languages + 'hablar', 'de', or 'en'?


is the definite article used after traducir+language+de or a?

voy a lavarme las manos

Translate: I am going to wash my hands

El fumar es peligroso

Translate: Smoking is dangerous

son las dos

Translate: it's 2 o'clock

Los Sanchez están en la Florida

Translate: The Sanchez family is in florida.

El barco desapareció en el Atlántico

The ship disappeared in the Atlantic

cien pesos la libra

Translate: a hundred pesos to a pound


Do countries and cities use the definite article?

la camisa y la corbata están en el armario

Translate: The shirt and tie are in the closet

al del

When definite masculine singular artical appears after the prepositions 'a' or 'de', they become ____ and ____ (separate with spaces). This is not used when followed by personal pronoun or article representing a proper name/title.

Hoy vamos al cine

Translate: today we are going to the movies.

Eso no se dice en español

Translate: that is not said in spanish


is article used in apposition?

Carlos primero

Translate: Charles the first

en nombre de

in the name of

a corto/largo plazo

in the short/long run

en camino a

on the way to

en alta mar

on the high sea

cuesta abajo/arriba

down/up the hill

lo difícil es cocinar sin sal

Translate: the difficult thing is to cook without salt


is the indefinite article (un/una) used with a noun describing personal characteristics?

Ella es una espía muy admirada

Translate: she is a very admired spy


is the indefinite article used with cierto, otro, cien, mil, medio, or tal?

dame otro libro

Translate: give me another book

qué inteligencia!

Translate: what an intelligence!

el avellano

the hazel tree

el castaño

chestnut tree

el cerezo

the cherry tree

el ciruelo

the plum tree

el peral

pear tree

la flor

the flower

la labor

the labor

el refrán

the proverb

el alambre

the wire

el enjambre

the swarm

el abrelatas

the can opener

el parabrisas

the windshield

el portamonedas

the purse

el quitamanchas

the stain remover

el sacacorchos

the corkscrew

la cumbre

the summit

la machedumbre

the multitude/crowd

la dosis

the dose

la quietud

the quietness

la superficie

the surface/area

la carie

the cavity

el ama

the woman owner

el alma

the soul

el alba

the dawn of the day

el hada

the fairy

el ancla

the anchor

el hacha

the axe/hatchet

el aula

the classroom

el agua fría

Translate: the cold water

el hada bonita

Translate: the beautiful fairy

la rana

the frog

la mosca

the fly

la cotorra

the small parrot (???? who needs to know this)

la ballena

the whale

el sapo

the toad

el murciélago

the bat

él es la persona

translate: he is the person.

ella es un angel

translate: she is an angel.


write the article for: star


write the article for: personaje


write the article for: victima


write the article for: ser


write the article for: costumbre


write the article for: cantante


write the article for: sistema


write the article for: programa


write the article for: tema


write the article for: idioma


write the article for: poema


write the article for: clima


write the article for: Galápagos


write the article for: diez


write the article for: Everest


write the article for: Atlántico


write the article for: Amazonas


write the article for:machedumbre


write the article for: hache (H)


write the article for: azul

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