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  1. WHo enlisted in the CCC
  2. what does the shelter wood method usually entail
  3. what does TRIAD stand for
  4. How much were they paid and who did it support
  5. Why is it important to leave standing dead trees and large (and small) woody debris in forests?
  1. a 25$ back to home to support 10 people; 5$ to the workers
  2. b because removing them disturbs the forest because it removes nutrients(infertile soil) liek decaying wood from dead trees.
  3. c reserve intensive ad extensive
  4. d burning the undergrowth with controlled fires so underbrush doesnt get overwhelming
  5. e men 17-25 WW1 vets

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  1. gaps open and fill, multiple canopy layers, usually more species, irregular densities, caused by chronic disturbance
  2. it produces an even aged forest
  3. beacuse the forest has a way of regenerating itself and protecting itself; cahnge is natural
  4. nutrients, cover for birds and mamals alike,
  5. CCC

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  1. What does extensive meanlightly MGMT area used to enhance wildlife habitat;used for recreational use(conservation)


  2. what does forest MGMT do for the forest?forest MGMT enhances diversity n order to foster more species i.e. diversity


  3. When did a clear scientifically-based [universal] understanding of the causes and consequences of deforestation emerge?makes the whole area start over and the new trees will have the same age


  4. when did FDR become influential in the enviromental movementtornado, hurricane, large forest fire


  5. who was FDRlocally experienced men 5-10 per camp that were responsible