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  1. What does intensive mean?
  2. what does forest MGMT do for the forest?
  3. what are the definitions of crown class
  4. what are even aged silvicultural methods
  5. what does reserve mean
  1. a highly managed for raising specific trees for utilization(utilization)
  2. b clear cut, but save the seed tree ( 5-10) per acre left to cast seeds, shelterwood method, and coppice
  3. c dominant, co-dominate, intermediate, suppressed,
  4. d find places that people want to keep untouched, no active mGMT(preservation)
  5. e forest MGMT enhances diversity n order to foster more species i.e. diversity

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  1. women; lead the green belt movement in Africa; also won a nobel prize
  2. the effects were noticed by GPM in europe were the effects of deforestation were underway.
  3. control the understory of vegetation
  4. When Pinchot wrote lettes to FDR about implementing conservation idea when FDR was still governor
  5. improvement cuts, thinning, and harvest/regenerational cuts

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  1. WHo were the LEMsigurd olson and group of canadians; travled the mackinzie river; got the wlderness act passed


  2. WHo was apppointed by the federal governement in 1878 to report on the status of the country's forestsDr. Franklin Hough


  3. When did a clear scientifically-based [universal] understanding of the causes and consequences of deforestation emerge?in 1864 when george perkins marsh wrote man and nature; also in gifford pinchot's a primer of forstry


  4. what does the shelterwood method produceburning the undergrowth with controlled fires so underbrush doesnt get overwhelming


  5. what does a acute stand replacement do to the forestforest MGMT enhances diversity n order to foster more species i.e. diversity


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