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  1. who was FDR
  2. Why is it important to leave standing dead trees and large (and small) woody debris in forests?
  3. what are gap dynamics
  4. what are the basic characteristics and measurements of trees and forests that guide silvicultural methods and management plans.
  5. what is shelterwood selection
  1. a LAI, DBH, LCR
  2. b lead to uneven stand; lightining of ice damage to tree that alllows little trees to grow
  3. c because removing them disturbs the forest because it removes nutrients(infertile soil) liek decaying wood from dead trees.
  4. d started the CCC, appointed enviromentalists to the government; forest resevre act; national forests;
  5. e find and save leave trees in order to re-seed the area; remove the rest of the trees in the first lumber sale

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  1. highly managed for raising specific trees for utilization(utilization)
  2. once the big seeding trees are gone there is no goign back without replanting trees
  3. burning the undergrowth with controlled fires so underbrush doesnt get overwhelming
  4. the dust bowl.....son
  5. CCC

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  1. what is thinining ?Civilian Conservation Corp.


  2. what are the definitions of crown classdominant, co-dominate, intermediate, suppressed,


  3. When was the earliest known time when people used forests to protect there landCCC


  4. who were the shakerssigurd olson and group of canadians; travled the mackinzie river; got the wlderness act passed


  5. what does LCR meanleaf area index