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  1. what does a acute stand replacement do to the forest
  2. what is shelterwood selection
  3. what is the final harvest cut
  4. what was their slogan
  5. What are the three components of wildlife habitat?
  1. a makes the whole area start over and the new trees will have the same age
  2. b find and save leave trees in order to re-seed the area; remove the rest of the trees in the first lumber sale
  3. c food, water and cover(bury young, hide from predators, hide from severe weather
  4. d a dollar a day
  5. e remove the leave trees once the area has beenreseeded and the new saplings are not too large

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  1. sigurd olson and group of canadians; travled the mackinzie river; got the wlderness act passed
  2. 1342 Switzerland
  3. trees/ acres
  4. it produces an even aged forest
  5. accelerates the growth of the strongest and biggest trees

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  1. How and why does high grading or diameter-limit cutting degrade forest ecosystems and reduce landowner options over time?once the big seeding trees are gone there is no goign back without replanting trees


  2. What information is needed about wildlife community before management actions can be designed and implemented?the state of the forest; what is there already, what will survive in the long run, what it needs to be successful


  3. Who wrote about startignthe conservation movement firstgeorge perkins marsh in 1864 Man and nature


  4. what are the silvicultural methods for an uneven aged forestsingle initiation event, single canopy layer, approx. normal dist, caused by acute disturbance


  5. What act did Hough's findings enacttree planting, firefighting, cnstruction, flood control, eroision control, emergency aid


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