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  1. What act did Hough's findings enact
  2. what is an anthropogenic(chronic) disturbance
  3. what are the consquences of high grading or diameter limit cutting
  4. what is shelterwood selection
  5. how many workers were there at its peak
  1. a find and save leave trees in order to re-seed the area; remove the rest of the trees in the first lumber sale
  2. b once the big seeding trees are gone there is no goign back without replanting trees
  3. c managed and prescribed a fire to change a forest; or use thining to change a forest
  4. d 1891 Forest reserve act; Catskill and adirondack forest preserves
  5. e 500,000

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  1. 1342 Switzerland
  2. they took care of fixing equipment, and were tradesmen. If a camper showed intrest then the LEM would teach them everything the knew
  3. the dust bowl.....son
  4. nutrients, cover for birds and mamals alike,
  5. live crown rate= live crown height/total height

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  1. What does extensive meanfind places that people want to keep untouched, no active mGMT(preservation)


  2. What does intensive mean?lightly MGMT area used to enhance wildlife habitat;used for recreational use(conservation)


  3. Who wrote about startignthe conservation movement firstmakes the whole area start over and the new trees will have the same age


  4. List at least 10 functions, products, benefits, and/or values of forests.nutrients, cover for birds and mamals alike,


  5. what does the shelterwood method produceit produces an even aged forest