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  1. what is the final harvest cut
  2. what does TRIAD stand for
  3. what does forest MGMT do for the forest?
  4. what is an anthropogenic(chronic) disturbance
  5. who were the shakers
  1. a more effiecnt if everyone does it than 1 person alone
  2. b managed and prescribed a fire to change a forest; or use thining to change a forest
  3. c forest MGMT enhances diversity n order to foster more species i.e. diversity
  4. d reserve intensive ad extensive
  5. e remove the leave trees once the area has beenreseeded and the new saplings are not too large

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  1. Dr. Franklin Hough
  2. control the understory of vegetation
  3. the state of the forest; what is there already, what will survive in the long run, what it needs to be successful
  4. women; lead the green belt movement in Africa; also won a nobel prize
  5. a crown fire can burn the whole forest while low fies will wipe out low lying trees and blacken the forest floor and allow shrubs to grow afterwards

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  1. Who was sigurd Olsonworked in Minnestoa on lake superoior and boundary waters canoe area. Helped pass the boundary waters act


  2. WHo were the LEMmore effiecnt if everyone does it than 1 person alone


  3. What event caused action in this countrymen 17-25 WW1 vets


  4. what are gap dynamicsleaf area index


  5. How and why does high grading or diameter-limit cutting degrade forest ecosystems and reduce landowner options over time?diameter limit cutting and high grade loggersthat cut on someone else's land that will remove the highest and most valuable trees (dominant and co-dominant)