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  1. How does fire intensity (e.g., a surface fire traveling into the wind versus a crown fire traveling with the wind up steep mountainsides) influence the character and condition of the forest in the aftermath of the fire?
  2. what was the first recovery program that FDR started when he was president
  3. what is thinining ?
  4. what are the definitions of crown class
  5. when did FDR become influential in the enviromental movement
  1. a a crown fire can burn the whole forest while low fies will wipe out low lying trees and blacken the forest floor and allow shrubs to grow afterwards
  2. b accelerates the natural process of self thinning a forest would do over time
  3. c 1930's when he was governor of NEW YORK
  4. d CCC
  5. e dominant, co-dominate, intermediate, suppressed,

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  1. forest MGMT enhances diversity n order to foster more species i.e. diversity
  2. they took care of fixing equipment, and were tradesmen. If a camper showed intrest then the LEM would teach them everything the knew
  3. it produces an even aged forest
  4. the effects were noticed by GPM in europe were the effects of deforestation were underway.
  5. reserve intensive ad extensive

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  1. what did the CCC do?tree planting, firefighting, cnstruction, flood control, eroision control, emergency aid


  2. what are even aged silvicultural methodsclear cut, but save the seed tree ( 5-10) per acre left to cast seeds, shelterwood method, and coppice


  3. WHo enlisted in the CCCmen 17-25 WW1 vets


  4. what are the silvicultural methods for an uneven aged forestsingle initiation event, single canopy layer, approx. normal dist, caused by acute disturbance


  5. What information is needed about wildlife community before management actions can be designed and implemented?the state of the forest; what is there already, what will survive in the long run, what it needs to be successful