20 terms

Test #4

6th century BC
dramatic masks and theatre
495-429 BC
470-399 BC
447-432 BC
427-347 BC
plato was a student to socrates
384-322 BC
370 BC
plato wrote the republic
359 BC
philip II became king of macedonia
356-323 BC
alexander the great
338 BC
athens and thebes fought philip
336 BC
philip was assassinated
335-263 BC
Zeno created Stoicism
334 BC
across hellespont into anatolia
332 BC
battle of gaugamela, founded the city of alexandria
330s BC
alexander was leader of all southwest asia
326 BC
indus valley
323 BC
reached babylon, alexander died
225 BC
an earthquake destroyed the colossus of rhodes
203 BC
nike of samothrace
150 BC
hellenistic world declines