50 terms

undamentals of information systems

information and data are essentially the same thing.
application software such as Windows Vista and Windows Seven control basic computer operations such as start-up and printing.
a CBIS is a single set of hardware, software, databases, telecommunications, people, and procedures condigured to collect, manipulate, store, and process data into information.
mobile commerce is the use of mobile, wireless, devices to place orders and conduct buiness.
MISs typically provide standard reports generated with data and information from a TPS or ERP system.
information systems can help bring new products and service in less time thus reducing time to market.
non-technical skill such as communications skills and knowledge of the organization are not important to IS personnel.
most IS careers involve working in a project team
because of the difficulty in determining all the cost, total cost of ownership is seldom used to plan for and maximize the value of IS investments
in information,_______ is used to make changes to input or processing activities.
electronic and mobile commercec
decision support
transaction processing
a common type of information system used in business organization are those designed for.
Technology transfer issues
time and distance challenges
infrastructure challenges
______ is a major challenge in expanding the global reach of informatio systems
system infrastructure
the goal of the _______ phase of system develop is to gain a clear understanding of the problem to be solved or oppertunity to be addressed
______ is (are) considered to be the most impartant element in a computer-based information
there tend to be more firms seeking competitive advantage
true about the characteristics of a highly competitive industry.
supply chain management
helps determine what supplies are required for the value chain, what quantities are needed to meet customer demand, how the supplies should be manufactured into finished goods and services, and how the shipment of supplies and products to customers should be scheduled, monitored, and constrolled.
is an organized collection of people, procedures, software, databases, and devices that support problem-specific decision making.
IS personnel
include(S) all the people who manage, run, program, and maintain the system, including the CIO, who manages the IS department.
programs to retain loyal customers
marketing and adverstising
customer relationship management programs helps companies manage_____
knowledge workers
are people who creat, use and disseminate knowledge
people involved in selecting their organization's computer hardware need to clearly understand current and future business requirements so they can make informed acquisition decisions
solid state storage devices store data in memory chips rather than magnetic or optical media and require less power to operate while providing slower data access than magnetic data storage devices.
a blade server houses many computer motherboards that include one or more processors, computer memory, secondary storage, network connections, and a common power supply and air-cooling source within a single chassis
information systems that operate within the enterprise sphere of influence support the firm in its interaction with customers, suppliers, shareholders, competitors, special-interest groups, the financial community, and government agencies.
software as a service allows businesses to subscribe to Web-delivered business application software by paying a monthly service charge or a per use fee.
are the most powerful computers with the fastest processing speed and highest performance
design and manufacture
Green computing is forused at the efficient and denvironmentally responsible_______ of IS related products
an operating with _______ capabilities allows a user to run more than one application at the same time.
is an open source operating system whose source code is freely available to everyone
an information system that operates in the ______ sphere of influence supports two or more people who work together to achieve a common goal
a collection fo fields about a specific object is a record
due to their size, databases must be stored on mainframe computers or other large, powerful computers
data center are approaching the point of automation, where they can run and manage themselves while being monitored remotely in a "lights out" environment
business and technology vendors are working to develop blue cenaters that run more efficiently and require less energy for processing and cooling
entity-relationship diagrams (ERD) are a useful database design tool.
the smallest piece of data used by a computer is the_____
a database is a collection of integrated and related _____
a collection of fields about a specific object is a (n)______
database administrator
someone responsible for planning, designing, creating, operating, securing, monitoring, and maintaining databases is called a (n)______
database as a service
with ______ the database is stored on s service provider's server and accessed by the client over a network, typically the internet.
a geostationary satellite orbits the earth in a very low orbit at an altitude of less than 1,000 miles.
the droid smartphone is manufactured by motoral and uses the android operating system from apple
telecommunication devices relay signal between computer systems and transmission media
in the face of the slowdown in the economy, many organization are canceling vedio teleconferencing meeting and replacing it with business travel in order to save on cost
in business, cloud computing is often referred to as software as a service (SaaS) and the vendors that provide the software are application service providers
a rich internet application is software that has the functionality and complexity of traditional software, but runs in a Web browser and does not require local installation
hot spot
the area covered by one or more interconnected wireless access points is commonly called a (n)_____
is a network protocol that enable traffic to be routed among all the networks conected to the internet.
is the standard page description language for Web pages
can support wireless communications at a rate of 70 Mbps between towers located up to 30 miles apart.