22 terms

KS 6th grade soc. st. ass. 5th grade info.

Tea Act
outraged many colonists and prompted the Boston Tea Party
Stamp Act
passed by British Parliament and required colonists to pay tax on every piece of paper they used, even playing cards
Why did Euopeans want to explore America?
looking for resources such as gold, fish, fur, gems, wood, sugar, teas, spices, as well as a quicker trade route to the East
Proclamation of 1763
prohibited (stopped) settlement of whites onto Indian Territory
3/5th's Compromise
an agreement between Northern and Southern states, only 3/5 of the slave population could be counted for tax purposes
American Revolution
a conflict between Great Britain and 13 colonies and resulted in the forming of the USA
Revolutinary War
the colonists defeated the British and won their independence
Boston Massacre
between a patriot mob throwing snowballs, sticks, and mud at British soldiers and resulted in the British soldiers killing 5 colonists or patriots
Taxation without Representation
a phrase that reflected the resentment of the American colonists at being taxed by the British Parliament, the colonists had representation for their needs in the colonies and they felt this was unfair since they were paying taxes
New England
NE part of US, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut
thick forests, good natural harbors, seafood, ship building
Middle Colonies
New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware
rich soil, rice, corn, tobacco, indigo, exported to Europe and West Indies
Southern Colonies
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia (slaves did most of the work) tobacco, rice, indigo
Factors that Encourged European exploration
trade, expansion (making their country bigger) wealth, discovery, technology (improved ship building)
name given to those who did not want to remain loyal to Great Britain
name given to those colonists who did want to remain loyal to Britain
Declaraton of Independence
July 4, 1776 this document was adopted and our nation was officially born declaring that we were officially free of Britain's rule
Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson along with 4 other men wrote this announcing the colonies separation from England
Bill of Rights
written by James Madison and consisted of the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution
outlines the operation and central principles of American government
Constitutinal Convention
the convention that created the document that became the Constitution
Intolerable Acts
thngs done by the British that the colonists felt were wrong and an attempt to deny them representation (Tea Act, Stamp Act etc.)
Boston Tea Party
a result of the British Tea Act, 50 colonists dressed as Indians boarded a British ship and threw their cargo overboard