14 terms

Intro to Viruses

size of virus
much smaller than cell
What is a virus?
in general, viruses are obligate intracellular parasites (have to do it; life in a cell is harmful to cell; if not in a cell, virus tries to find a cell by whatever means to use, or abuse)
breaks down into DNA/RNA and could contain either single/double strand (lots of variation)
coat on virus and made of protein
phospholipid bilayer
some viruses have envelope on top of coating
bacterio phage
sterotypical virus; viruses are different, but they do all have a genome and coat
Lytic Cycle
where virus hijacks energy from cell by attaching, entry, synthesis, assembly, release
virus attaches and pierces onto cell
virus pierces into cell and drops [DNA] virus in
Role of restriction enzyme
if cells DNA has special enzyme, it will cut up virus [DNA] before the virus chops up the original DNA
DNA from host cell falls apart; abuses by building with proteins and other resources to make own parts
Result of Lytic Cycle
causes symptoms, which are a lot of dead cells not doing what they're supposed to do
viruses self-assemble
cell bursts with newly assembled viruses; then the cycle repeats because the viruses will now do the same thing to another cell