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  1. reactants
  2. aqueous solution
  3. formula unit
  4. avegardros number is always
  5. sharing electrons
  1. a instead, each atom attains a noble gas configuration by __________________
  2. b solution where the solvent is water
  3. c the substances that undergo change in the reaction
  4. d the smallest collection of atoms that provide two important pieces of information
  5. e constant

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  1. this has provided the basis for the concept of the mole
  2. is always changing
  3. the assignment of a correct and unambiguous name to each and every chemical compound
  4. the force of attraction between any two atoms in a compound
  5. CO2H2O

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  1. dextrose percentage of osmosis5%


  2. monatomic ionsions consisting of a single charged atom


  3. hypertonichigher concentration


  4. solubilitythe number of moles of solute per liter of solution, its symbolized as M


  5. Lewis symbola transfer of one or more electrons from one atom to another