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  1. osmosis
  2. nonmenclature
  3. gluclose
  4. molecules
  5. molar mass
  1. a compounds characterized by covalent bonding
  2. b the mass in grams of 1 mole of atoms
  3. c C6H12O6
  4. d the assignment of a correct and unambiguous name to each and every chemical compound
  5. e defusion of water across a membrane ; movement of solvent

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  1. a combination of symbols of the various elements that make up the compound
  2. CO2H2O
  3. selective of what can pass through
  4. higher concentration
  5. vapor pressure lowering, boiling point elevation, freezing point depression, osmotic pressure

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  1. law of conservation of massamount of solute dissolved in a given amount of solution


  2. aqueous solutionsolution where the solvent is water


  3. NaCl percentage is0.9%


  4. formula unitthe substance present in the largest quantity


  5. monatomic ionsions composed of 2 or more atoms bonded together with an overall positive or negative charge