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  1. sharing electrons
  2. nonmenclature
  3. solution
  4. monatomic ions
  5. osmosis
  1. a defusion of water across a membrane ; movement of solvent
  2. b the assignment of a correct and unambiguous name to each and every chemical compound
  3. c instead, each atom attains a noble gas configuration by __________________
  4. d ions consisting of a single charged atom
  5. e homogeneous mixture

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  1. the substances that undergo change in the reaction
  2. 5%
  3. bonds made up of unequally shared electron pairs
  4. the maximum amount of solute that dissolves in a given amount of solvent at a specific temperature
  5. C6H12O6

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  1. moleculesa practical unit for defining a collection of atoms is the _____


  2. covalent compoundsattractive force due to the sharing of electrons. the shared electron pair is called a ___________ ________


  3. The two naming systems(Lewis structure) a way to represent atoms using the element symbol and valence electrons as dots


  4. law of conservation of massmatter cannot be either gained or lost in the process of a chemical reaction


  5. NaCl percentage is0.9%