C5 Sampling Distributions


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sampling distribution
a statistic from a random sample or randomized experiment is a random variable;
the probability distribution of the statistic is its ~
population distribution
distribution of its values for all members of the population;
is also the probability distribution of the variable when we choose one individual at random from the population
Sample means are _____ variable than individual observations.
Sample means are ____ more Normal than individual observations.
List the facets of the binomial setting.
1. fixed number of observations n
2. observations n are independent
3. each observation falls into one of just two categories;
-> "success" and "failure"
4. the probability for each success, call it p, is the same
for each observation
binomial distribution
distribution of the count X of successes in the binomial setting; with parameters n and p;
What are the possible values of X in the binomial setting?
whole numbers from 0 to n
When are binomial distributions important in statistics?
when we wish to make inferences about the proportion p of "successes" in a population