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A person who works under a master for a daily wage


The buying and selling goods

Circuit Judges

Judges who travel throughout a country


Formal assembly

Habeas Corpus

A principle that accused person can not be held in jail without the cosent of the court

Bubonic Plague

A deadly contagious disease caused by bacteria and spreads by fleas also called the black death


Freeman or wealthy merchants who lived in medieval towns


Documents that enabled towns to control their own affairs


Medeval craft organisation


Country ruled by a king or queen

Joan Of Arc

Led French armies in 100 years war


Medeval towns


Person who is learning a craft or trade

Grand Jury

Jury that examined accusations and advises criminal charges

Trail Jury

Group of people that decide whether a person accused of a crime is innocent of guilty


Church member who disagrees with official doctrine


Political groups formed by towns people in medieval Italy

Magna Carta

Document signed by king John limiting powers of a monarch

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