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Study Guide Chapter 14 Explosives

Part One
What type of reactons are both fire and explosions?
oxidation/combustion reactions and ar exothermic
How do explosions get the oxygen they need for combustion to occur?
They must use an oxidation agent which is a chemical that already hs oxygen n it.
What type of fuel is arson fire typically derived from?
Petroleum based
What type of fuel is arson explosives derived from?
usually fueled by nitrate based chemical
List three examples of low level explosives
Black Powder, Smokeless Powder and Chlorate Mixtures
What ar primary explosives typically used for
To detonate other explosives (primers)
Why do secondary explosives often need a primer?
because they typically only burn when lit in small quantities and do not explode
List two types of military explosives
TNT, RDX(C-4), Dynamite
What is the most commonly used high explosive
ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate)
What is the most commonly used low explosive?
black powder and smokles powder
Describe the difference in pressure waves betwen low and high explosives
Low explosives let out a subsonic wave while high explosivse let out a supersonic pressure wave
Describe the difference in movement between a low and high explosive
Low explosives propel or throw things while high explosivs detonate violently and tend to crush or level things in its path.