10 terms

Fetal Circulation

Placenta, Capillary Bed
Oxygenated blood goes into _______ and oxygen diffuses into Infant __________ _____.
Lungs, Ventricles
Not used by an Infant thanks to mom supplying oxygen. Therefor no need for _________.
Pulmonary Artery
If blood gets into an Infant's ventricle, it gets pumped out by the ___________.
Ductus Arteriosus
When blood gets into an Infant's ventricle, this is the tube on the pulmonary artery that puts blood back in atrium!
Umbilical Chord
Nutriends and O2 come from from the mother's blood and into Infant blood through the ________.
Umbilical Chord
Made up of a large Umbilical vien, and two smaller Umbilical arteries. (O2 to fetus, CO2 and waste to Placenta)
What Changes After Birth
1) Blood bypasses vetricles of baby's heart though extra tubes. 2) Two shunts help bypass baby's lungs (that it doesn't need atm)
Foramen Ovale, Fossa ovalis
Allows blood to bypass R. Ventricle. After birth, closes and becomes ________.
Ductus Arteriosus, Ligamentosm Arteriosus
Allows for aorta and pulmonary trunk to join. After Birth, will become a ligament known as ______________.
What helps everything bypass Infant lungs