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  1. t/b cells
  2. antibody mediated immunity
  3. autoimmune disease
  4. PArvo
  5. Interferons
  1. a prevent viruses from multiplying in your cells
  2. b b cells; indirect attack
  3. c what is an example of Genetic immunity?
  4. d when cells cant recognize "self cells" which leads to attack on "self" cells
  5. e example of 3rd line of defense

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  1. found in plasma associated with RBC (anti a or anti b)
  2. t cells; direct attack
  3. secretes thymosins, located in upper part of thoracic caavity, place where wbc go to mature, peaks in life around 13 yrs old
  4. located in the upper thoracic cavity
  5. float around looking for bacteria, when they find bacteria they start poking holes in them

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  1. IgEfound in plasma associated with RBC (anti a or anti b)


  2. t cellscells associated with cell mediated immunity


  3. spleenbuild up of dead wbc and fluid


  4. Antigen-Antibody Complexwhat is an expample of naturally acquired passive immunity?


  5. antigen presentation, t cell activation, t cell cloningsteps of cell mediated immunity


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