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  1. Pharyngeal Tonsils
  2. Palatine Tonsils
  3. Histamine
  4. Bone Marrow
  5. Pyrogens
  1. a a regulating body substance released in excess during allergic reactions causing swelling and inflammation of tissues
  2. b B cells are formed where?
  3. c located on lower sides of throat
  4. d located at top of throat by nasal cavity
  5. e chemicals that stimulate the hyputhalamus to reset body temp

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  1. filter fluid from arms and breasts
  2. signal that calls wbc to an area
  3. why is the speen important to adults?
  4. doesnt matter what the pathogen is we just battle everything
  5. t cells; direct attack

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  1. inflammation or feverwhen inflammation is caused by a pathogen


  2. antigen presentation, t cell activation, t cell cloningfunction of antibodies


  3. Tonsilslymph nodes in the throat area that filter pathogens that enter the nose or mouth


  4. antibody mediated immunityt cells; direct attack


  5. IgEfound in plasma