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  1. autoimmune disease
  2. specific immunity
  3. Histamine
  4. Lymphokines
  5. spleen
  1. a enhance phagocytosis
  2. b provides defense against only certain pathogens, example chicken pox
  3. c stores blood, mainly platelets;destroys rbc;site of rbc production in the fetus
  4. d a regulating body substance released in excess during allergic reactions causing swelling and inflammation of tissues
  5. e when cells cant recognize "self cells" which leads to attack on "self" cells

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  1. float around looking for bacteria, when they find bacteria they start poking holes in them
  2. monocytes that become trapped in certain organs and live there; high levels in liver, spleen, lympg nodes, and lungs
  3. example of 3rd line of defense
  4. function of antibodies
  5. found in endocrine fluids

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  1. lymph vesselswalls are 1 cell layer thick, has large pores, distributed like veins


  2. cervical lymph nodesfilter fluid from head to neck


  3. Immunoglobins..., other name for antibodies


  4. non specific immunityt cells; direct attack


  5. antibody mediated immunitydoesnt matter what the pathogen is we just battle everything