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  1. t cells
  2. globulin
  3. Natural Killer Cells
  4. MALT
  5. antibody mediated immunity
  1. a mucosal associated lymphoid tissue; found in lymphatic tissue filters pathogens
  2. b kills a variety of cells and act closely with the 3rd line of defense; kills bacteria, fungu and cancer cells; non specific defense
  3. c what is an example of artificially acquired passive immunity?
  4. d cells associated with cell mediated immunity
  5. e b cells; indirect attack

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  1. chemicals that stimulate the hyputhalamus to reset body temp
  2. t cells; direct attack
  3. located in the upper quadrant of the abdomen
  4. function of antibodies
  5. filter fluid from arms and breasts

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  1. Pusfound in plasma


  2. non specific immunityprovides defense against only certain pathogens, example chicken pox


  3. Infectionwhen inflammation is caused by a pathogen


  4. flu shotbuild up of dead wbc and fluid


  5. inguinal lymph nodesfilter fluid from legs and genitalia