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  1. Palatine Tonsils
  2. Lymphokines
  3. t/b cells
  4. stores platelets so we arent constantly clotting, destroys rbc
  5. specific immunity
  1. a example of 3rd line of defense
  2. b located on lower sides of throat
  3. c why is the speen important to adults?
  4. d provides defense against only certain pathogens, example chicken pox
  5. e enhance phagocytosis

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  1. filter fluid from legs and genitalia
  2. prevent viruses from multiplying in your cells
  3. what is an example of artificially acquired active immunity?
  4. found in plasma
  5. located in the upper quadrant of the abdomen

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  1. Infectionwhen inflammation is caused by a pathogen


  2. IgAfound in plasma


  3. b cellscells associated with cell mediated immunity


  4. spleenwhat is an example of Genetic immunity?


  5. Pharyngeal Tonsilslocateed on back of tongue