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  1. b cells
  2. stores platelets so we arent constantly clotting, destroys rbc
  3. specific immunity
  4. non specific immunity
  5. thymus
  1. a provides defense against only certain pathogens, example chicken pox
  2. b cells associated with antibody meediated immunity
  3. c why is the speen important to adults?
  4. d doesnt matter what the pathogen is we just battle everything
  5. e located in the upper thoracic cavity

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  1. what is an example of artificially acquired active immunity?
  2. example of 3rd line of defense
  3. a regulating body substance released in excess during allergic reactions causing swelling and inflammation of tissues
  4. located on lower sides of throat
  5. function of antibodies

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  1. the organ would diesignal that calls wbc to an area


  2. Lymphokineswalls are 1 cell layer thick, has large pores, distributed like veins


  3. globulinlocated in the upper quadrant of the abdomen


  4. IgGfound in endocrine fluids


  5. Natural Killer Cellskills a variety of cells and act closely with the 3rd line of defense; kills bacteria, fungu and cancer cells; non specific defense