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Main Characters
What is the name of the main character?
August. 3
How old is August?
10. pg. 3
What is the name of August's sister
Via. 3
If August had a magic lamp and could have one wish, what would he wish for?
He would wish for a normal face. 3
Who feels they have to protect August?
Via. 3
Why did August not go to school before fifth grade?
Due to all the surgeries he had to have. 4
What did Auggie's mother do for a living?
She was a children's book illustrator. 4
How many surgeries has August had?
27. page 4
How was August educated before fifth grade?
He was home schooled by his mother. 4
What grade is August going into?
Fifth grade. 4
Who are August's few good friends?
Christopher is his best friend followed by Zachary and Alex. 4
Where did Christopher move to?
Bridgeport Connecticut. 5
Where does August live?
North River Heights which is at the top tip of Manhattan. 5
What did one nurse do in the delivery room that was smelly?
She kept farting. 6
Which friend does August see the most?
Christopher, even though he lives more than an hour away. 5
Via is how much older than August?
4 yrs older. Page 6
What was the first thing August's mother noticed about him in the hospital?
She noticed how pretty his eyes were. 7
What's August's nickname?
Auggie. 8
What's the name of the school Auggie goes to?
Beecher Prep. 9
What are the names of Augies mother and father?
Isabel and Nate Pullman. 8-9
Auggie's mother told him he needed to go to school because she was bad at teaching what?
Fractions. 8
Why was Via's school no good for Auggie?
It was too big. 9
Who didn't want Aggie to go to schoo at first?
His father. 9
Where was Auggie when he learned his mother wanted to send him to school?
He was visiting his friend Christopher in Connecticut. 8
What is the name of the principal?
Mr. Tushman. 13
Who was the one person in the world who could make Augie laugh even if he didn't want to laugh?
His dad. 13
Auggies mom and dad wanted to match up Mr. Tushman with a former teacher named ???? so they could have a bunch of little Tushies?
Miss Butt. 14
August had a bad habit of doing what?
Mumbling. 16
What was Mr. Tushman wearing on his feet?
Red Adidas sneakers. 15
Mr. Tushman had blue eyes and what color eyelashes?
White eyelashes.
Name one school subject Auggie enjoys?
Reading, science and art. 16
What was Augies last name?
Pullman. 17
What was the name of the middle school director?
Mrs. Garcia or Mrs. G 17
What does everybody call Mrs. Garcia?
Mrs. G. 18
Why did Augie grow his hair long last year?
He liked how his bangs covered his eyes and help him blackout things he didn't want to see. 21
Name the three kids who showed August around the school.
Jack Will, Julian & Charlotte. 22
What is the name of the homeroom teacher?
Mrs. Petosa. 24
What is the name of the theater arts teacher?
Mr. Resnick. 27
Charlotte told Auggie about the play she starred in, what was the name of the play?
Oliver. 27
On the tour of the school which kid was the most obnoxious?
Julian. 2
What was the name of Augies dog?
Daisy. 33
What was the name of the new school Via was going to in the fall?
Faulkner high school. 32
What room number was homeroom?
Room 301. Page 22
Who sat next to Auggie in homeroom?
Jack Will. 37
Mrs. Petosa made which student sit next to August?
Henry Joplin. 39
Did Mrs. Petosa have a shiny smile or normal smile, while looking at Auggie?
Normal smile. 40
Who did Mrs. Petosa look like?
Mom Mothms from Star Wars episode four. 40
What job did Mrs. Petosa leave to pursue her dream and teach kids?
She left her job on Wall Street six years ago. 41
Julian asked Auggie, "Why do you have a tiny braid in the back of your hair is that like a Padawan thing"? What did Auggie answer?
Yes. 43
A Padawan is a Jedi apprentice. 43
Who is Augies favorite Star Wars character?
Jengo Fett. 44
Why did Julian ask Augie if he liked Darth Sidious?
Cause Darth Sidious gets his face burned. 44
Which teacher taught Precepts?
The English teacher, Mr. Browne. 45W
Per Mr. Browne, what are Precepts?
Precepts= Rules about really important things. 46
When give the choice between being right or being kind. Choose kind. Who wrote this on the blackboard, in English class and what is it?
Mr. Browne's September Precept. 48
No matter where he was, Auggie always knew people were staring at him. Where did Auggie always look?
He always looked down.
Who ate lunch with Auggie every day?
Summer. 51
Who ate like a tortoise?
Auggie due to a hole in the roof of his mouth. 50
Only people with summer names could sit where at lunch?
With Auggie and Summer at their table. 52
What scale did Auggie and his mother use to discuss how things were going?
A scale of 1-10. 54
Which 2 people did Auggie feel were Beauty and the Beast.
Summer and himself. 56
When did Auggie cut off his Padawan braid?
After the first day of school. 57
Who called Auggie, "Auggie Doggie"?
His Dad. 57
What did Auggie call his Dad?
"Dear ol' Dad," from an old cartoon show. 67
What book was Augie's mom reading to him when he started to cry?
The Hobbit. 59
People would take the longest way around Augie to avoid bumping him to him. Like his ???? was contagious?
His face. 61
Your Deeds Are Your Momuments.
What month precept was this?
October . 65
When is Auggie's birthday?
October 10th. 66
What kind of birthday party did Auggie want?
A bowling party. 66
What did Summer want to dress up as for Halloween?
A unicorn for the school parade and a goth girl for school. 69
What was Auggie going to be for Halloween at first?
Boba Fett. 68
What couldn't Auggie avoid on school picture day?
The school class picture. 70
What was the Cheese Touch?
No one would touch Auggie, like the old moldy cheese in Dairy of a Wimpy Kid. 72
Why does Auggie love Halloween?
Because he gets to wear a mask and no one notices him. He gets to be "normal" like everyone else. 73
When Auggie was a little kid, what did he wear on his head?
A astronaut helmet. 73
What did Auggie end up wearing for Halloween?
The Bleeding Scream costume because he didn't have enough time to put the Boba Fett costume on. 75
Halloween didn't turn out to be an awesome day for Auggie, he ended up in the bathroom crying, because someone betrayed him? Name that person.
Jim . 77
How did Auggie get home on Halloween from school?
He went to the nurse's office and played sick. His mother came to get him and they walked home. 80
Auggie had a great time trick or treating.
True or False? False. 80 - He didn't go
Who is the only celestial body that doesn't revolve around Auggie per Via?
Daisy the dog. 82
Which planet does Via say Auggie is?
The Sun. 82
How long did Via stay with Grans while Auggie had his big jaw surgery?
4 weeks. 85
What secret did Grans tell Via?
That she loved her more than anyone in the world. 87
What high school does Via attend?
Faulkner High School. 92
What song did Miranda and Auggie sing together?
"Space Oddity" by David Bowie. 93
What long novel is Via reading?
"War and Peace" 98
Who does Via eat lunch with after she stopped hanging out with Miranda and Ella?
Eleanor and others at the smart-kids table. 107
Who do Miranda and Ella eat lunch with after they stop eating lunch with Via?
With the super popular group. 108
Who does Auggie want to be for Halloween?
Boba Fett. 109
Which black and white movie did Via and her mother watch?
"The Ghost and Mrs. Muir". 110
What costume did Auggie wear to school for Halloween?
Bleeding Scream mask. 110
Who convinces Auggie to be part of the Halloween parade?
Via. 114
Why did Auggie want to quit school?
Because his best friend Jack said something mean about him to Julian. 112
Who nicknamed Auggie the Zombie Kid?
Julian. 119
Who was the first kid to sit with Auggie at lunch?
Summer. 119
What is the game called "The Plague".
Anyone who touches Auggie has 30 seconds to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer. 120
Who told Summer about the Plague?
Maya. 120
What did Savanah want Summer to do?
To stop hanging out with Auggie. 122
Who says "I am cool beans"?
Auggie. 130
What black & white movie did Via & her mom watch?
The ghost and Mrs. Muir. 110
Who convinced Auggie to be part of the Halloween parade?
Via. 114
Why did Auggie want to quit school?
Because his friend Jack said something mean about him. 112
Who nicknamed Auggie "The Zombie Kid"?
Julian. 119
Who was the first kid to sit w/ Auggie?
Summer. 119
What is the game called "The Plague"?
Anyone who touches Auggie has 30 seconds to wash their hands or use hand sanitzer. 120
Who told Summer about "The Plague"?
Maya. 120
What did Savannah want Summer to do?
Stop hanging out with Auggie. 122
Who says "I am cool beans"?
Auggie. 130
What did Summer make for the Egyptian Museum exhibit?
Sculpture of Anubis. 131
What did Auggie make for the Egyptian Museum Exhibit
A 2' x 2' step pyramid of sugar cubes. 131
What did Auggie and Summer dress as for the Egyptian Museum Exhibit?
Mummies. 131
What hint did Summer give Jack when Jack asked her to give him a hint why Auggie was mad at him?
Bleeding Scream. 132
What did Jack dress as for the Egyptian Museum Exhibit?
The Man From "The Mummy". 132
What did Mr. Tushman ask Jack to be?
A welcome buddy for Auggie. 134
Where did Jack first see Auggie?
In front of Carvel on Amesfort Avenue. 136
Who else did Mr. Tushman ask to be Auggie's buddy?
Julian & Charlotte. 139
What happened when Auggie let Jack copy his homework?
Ms. Rubin caught them. 142
What are the 4 things Jack thins of Auggie?
1- You get used to his face. 142-3
2-He's a cool dude
3- He's really smart
4-Jack actually does want to be his friend.
Where does Jack go sledding?
Skeleton Hill. 146
What did Jack call his sled?
Lightning. 147
What jobs do Jack's parents have?
His dad is a teacher and his mom is a social worker. 149
Who left the sled that Jack found in the park?
Miles. 150
What subject does Jack hate most of all?
Science. 151
Who is Jack's science teacher?
Ms. Rubin. 151
When did Jack realize Auggie overheard him saying mean things about Auggie?
When Ms. Rubin was talking about the science fair. 152
Who did Jack punch in the mouth?
Julian 154
Who's mom is the VP of the school board?
Julian's. 170
What did Julian say about Jack?
He said that Jack punched him because he has emotional problems. 171
Who made the list of "sides" in the Boy's War?
Charlotte. 177
What is Daisy the dog's full name?
Darth Daisy. 182
Who are the boys that bother Jack outside the grocery store?
Julian and his 2 gorillas (Henry & Miles). 197
What does Justin do the the boys who bothered Jack?
Threatens them in a Clint Eastwood voice. 199
Who is Justin?
Olivia's boyfriend.
What does Justin play on his fiddle when he's onstage at rehearsal trying to remember his lines?
"Soliders Joy" 200
Who gave Auggie the astronaut helmet he wore as a young boy?
Miranda. 201
Who used to be good friends with Olivia?
Miranda. 200
What is Miranda's last name?
Navas. 202
What is Justin reminded of when Olivia is upset?
A bird. 203
Why did Olivia tell her parents about the play?
Because she didn't want people at her school to know about Auggie. 203
What grade did Jack & Auggie receive for the Spud Lamp they entered in the Science Fair?
An "A". p. 206
How did Jack & Auggie sign the notes they left in Julian's locker?
Belulah. 208
When did Julian start leaving notes in Jack and Auggie's lockers?
In February. 208
Who is the "hit man" Julian said Jack had hired to "get" him, Miles & Henry?
Justin. 199 & 209
Who left an Uglydoll key chain on Auggie's chair?
Maya. 210
Who did Auggie say his hearing aids made him look like?
Lobot. 212
What was the name of Auggie's hearing doctor?
Dr. James. 216
Who played Emily in "Our Town" on the night Auggie and his parents went to the play?
Olivia. 230
Who received a standing ovation for their performance in "Our Town"?
Justin and Via. 231
What did Miranda call Auggie when she saw him at the performance of "Our Town"?
Major Tom. 234
When did Miranda's parents get divorced?
The summer before ninth grade. 236
Which friend did Miranda call when she returned from camp?
Ella. 237
What is the name of Miranda's boyfriend?
Zack. 239
Where does the Beecher Prep 5th grade class go every year?
To the Broarwood Nature Reserve in PA 250
Why is Auggie nervous and excited about the trip to Broarwood Nature Reserve?
He's never slept over anywhere - he once tried with Christopher. 251
What does Auggie not want to take with him on the 5th grade trip?
His rolling Star Wars duffel bag. 252
Who is Baboo?
Auggie's favorite stuffed animal. 253
What movie showed at Big Movie Night at the Broarwood Nature Reserve?
The Sound of Music. 262
Who came to Jack & Auggie's defense when Eddie & friends started a fight?
Amos with Miles & Henry. 267
What did Auggie lose in the fight?
His hearing aids. 270
What part of Auggie was hurt when Eddie pulled his hood so he fell backwards?
His elbow. 267
Who is paying for new hearing aids for Auggie?
Broarwood Nature Reserve. 275
What did Auggie eat when he came home from Broarwood?
Grilled Cheese sandwich. 276
What did Auggie drink when he came home from Broarwood?
Chocolate milk. 278
What did Auggie's family surprise him with when he returned from Broarwood?
A puppy. 280
What did Auggie and his family name the new puppy?
Bear. 281
What did the kids at Beecher Prep call Auggie after Broarwood?
Little dude. 282
What was hanging behind Mr. Tushman's desk at the end of the year?
Auggie's Self portrait as an Animal. 286
Where was the graduation ceremony held?
Beecher Prep Upper School auditorium 289
What did Auggie and his family eat after graduation?
Cake and ice cream. 309
What happened to Auggie's astronaut helmet?
His father threw it out. 290
What books and authors does Mr. Tushman reference at graduation?
The Little White Bird by J.M. Barrie. 299
Under the Eye of the Clock by Christopher Nolan. 300
Who won the Henry Ward Beecher award at graduation?
Auggie. 304
What does the Henry Ward Beecher award recognize?
Greatness. 304
Who received a standing ovation at graduation?
Auggie. 306
Where did Auggie and his family go to after graduation?
To Auggie's house. 309
Who said "The universe was not kind to Auggie Pullman"?
Miranda. 201
Who carries a photo of Auggie wearing his astronaut helmet?
Miranda. 201