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Cinema Survey Final

Production design shapes reality to fictional ends (T/F)
What best describes the sleeping pills that Fran (Shirley MacLaine) swallows in The Apartment (1960)?
(T/F) By the end of the film, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004), the lead character of Steve (Bill Murray) finds the Jaguar Shark that he was searching for.
(T/F) The Art Director works under the supervision of the Production Designer.
Which prop does C.C. Baxter (Jack Lemmon) use to strain the water from his cooked pasta in Billy Wilder's, The Apartment (1960)?
Tennis Racket
Which of the following best describes roles in the Art Department?
Production Designer, Prop Master, Wardrobe Designer.
In Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (2004), what are the Red Hats worn by Team Zissou considered as?
(T/F) Harry Potter's wand is considered 'Set Decoration'.
(T/F) Set Dressing refers to the draping, furniture, decor, etc. that dresses the set.
(T/F) The pregnant belly of Marge Gunderson played by Frances McDormand in the film Fargo (1996), is best described as wardrobe/costume design.
The movie 300 (2006) was shot primarily;
On a soundstage
A stationary grandfather clock in a movie character's home would be considered:
Set dressing
(T/F) On-Location is a term used for a film shooting on a real location.
The role of the Production Designer is to determine
The visual look of all the visual elements in each shot.
(T/F) Joel Coen's, Fargo (1996) was shot entirely on a Hollywood Soundstage.
The most basic unit of film grammar is
The shot
Depth of Field refers to three image planes before the lens. These are
foreground, middle ground, background.
When in production, the difference between a shot and a take is
There can be many takes for each shot.
The three light sources of a basic 3 point lighting set up are
Key Light, Fill Light, Back Light.
A _____________ Shot is one where the camera moves along a forward or backward plane toward or away from the subject of the shot.
(T/F) Cinematography is the art and science of motion-picture photography.
(T/F) The Gaffer is responsible for all camera movements.
The Best-Boy Electric is the chief assistant to:
The gaffer
(T/F) Woody Allen's, Annie Hall (1977) was shot almost entirely from a POV angle.
In regards to cinema lighting, what is the measurement of color temperature?
(T/F) A prime lens has the ability to change focal lengths by 'zooming'.
(T/F) The F-Stop measures the color temperature of lighting.
(T/F) Decreasing the F-Stop numerically, means more of the overall image will be in focus.
Which aspect ratio is typically used for movie theater projections?
(T/F) Drake Doremus', Like Crazy (2011), was filmed with a digital 4K camera, similar to most Hollywood level productions.
______________ refers to the recording of a location's ambient tones in order to allow for naturalistic sound after dubbing dialogue or sound effects in post-production.
Room Tone
If we hear a musical instrument in a scene but do not see the performer of that instrument until the end of the scene, the musical sound is ______________.
During postproduction, the various elements of the soundtrack are brought together to best support, enhance and express the meaning of the film. This process is called
Final mixing
dBFS stands for which of the following?
Decibels relative to full scale
(T/F) The 'field mixer' records audio digitally; usually to a device with an internal hard drive or flash memory cards.
Which of the following is NOT considered as a foley sound?
In the film Singin' in the Rain (1952), what sound design technique is used to fix the character of Lina Lamont's squeaky voice?
Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR)
(T/F) The musical sequences in Singin' in the Rain (1952) are a a good example of non-diegetic sound.
Which best describes the specific role of the music supervisor?
Select songs for the film in partnership with the Director and arranges for proper release for any music used.
(T/F) ADR is the process in which voices are recorded in post production, replacing voices recorded during principle photography.
(T/F) 'Dubbing' is another term used for ADR recordings.
Which of the following is NOT a good example of a Soundscape?
Room Tone
Martin Scorsese's Hugo (2011) is a story about which of the earliest pioneering filmmakers in cinema history?
George Melies
An important part of the Sound Designer's job is to manage the mix of all audio used in a film. In the opening getaway scene in the film Drive what auditory cue(s) is used to represent the urgency of the chase?
Sound of the motor accelerating, Sound of the ticking watch, and Sound of the basketball game on radio.
(T/F) In the film Singin' in the Rain (1952), the script was written before the songs.
(T/F) Continuity editing can be divided into two categories: temporal continuity and spatial continuity.
Which of the following non-linear editing systems is NOT considered as the top 3?
Apple iMovie
(T/F) In non linear editing software, the time line is where content is timed and cut together.
(T/F) Picture lock is when all editing of the motion picture has been completed and approved.
Continuity Editing is considered as
The classical Hollywood style of editing
Watching a live broadcast of any sport is a poor example of Continuity editing. (t/f)
Who was the primary individual who helped to define 'montage editing' styles.
Lev Kuleshov
Which stage of post production does the director give notes to the editor in order to create a cut that best reflects his/her vision?
Director's cut
The character of Mickey O'Neil, played by Brad Pitt in Snatch (2000), was considered and referenced mostly as a
In the film The Graduate (1967), what gift did Ben, played by Dustin Hoffman, receive from his parents?
A scuba suit
(T/F) The story and editing style of Christopher Nolan's Following (1998), is presented linearly.
What is the correct definition of a 'Cut Away'?
The interruption of a continuous sequence by inserting a view of something else, then typically cutting back to the original sequence.
What is the correct definition of a 'Jump Cut'?
Two shots of the same subject, but in different locations, are cut together. Making the subject seem to 'jump' in a discontinuous way.
What is the correct definition of a 'Wipe'?
A transition where one shot replaces another by traveling from one side of the frame to another, or by a special image.
What is the correct definition of a 'Dissolve'?
The gradual transition from one image to another.