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Toddlerhood occurs between what age?

Between ages 1 and 3.

Three important criteria for First Words

-Produced spontaneously with clear intention and purpose
-Has recognizable pronunciation similar to adult form
-Used word consistently and extended use beyond original context

First words occur at

12 months

Words are (3 things)

-composed of meaningful sounds
-symbolic (represent something else in the world)
-arbritary (sound sequences do not directly stand for the concepts they represent)

First words refer to

everday lives such as mama, dada, doggie, baba

What is a term describing the challenges of early lexical mapping?

The Quinean Conundrum

What is being described?: The systematic and rule-governed speech patters that characterize speech, including syllable structure changes, assimilation, place-or-articulation changes, and manner-of-articulation changes

Phonological processes

Analyze the following grammatical morphemes: I am hungry.

contractible copula

Are you pretty?

uncontractible copula

She has blonde hair.

irregular past

I was singing.

uncontractible auxiliary

She hit the ball (past tense)

irregular past

Is language symbolic? If yes, what does that mean?

Yes. Language is a system of symbols used to transfer thoughts and ideas.

What kind of morphemes are in the word Thankful

thank (free lexical)
-ful (bound derivational)

What kind of morphemes are in the word Stars

star (free lexical)
-s (bound inflectional)

What kind of morphemes are in the word Hairy

hair (free lexical)
-y (bound derivational)

What are the three most important achievements in morphology during toddlerhood?

1) Reach vocabulary of around 50 words between 18 and 24 months.
2) Emergence of grammatical morphemes also appears between 18 and 24 months.
3) Mastery of sequence and timeline for 14 GMs documented by Roger Brown.

What are the two most important achievements in syntax during toddlerhood?

1) Begin to combine words to create two-word utterances
2) Marks true beginning of syntax (use of rules that govern word order in sentences)
Use more communicative functions (i.e., negating, requesting, and questioning)

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