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  1. Deductive reasoning
  2. Language
  3. Deep Structure
  4. Behaviorist Theory
  5. Algorithms
  1. a A methodical, step by step procedure for trying all possible alternatives to solve a problem
  2. b Language is learned through imitation, exposure, and reinforcement (Skinner)
  3. c Notion of nouns, verbs, commands
  4. d System of symbols, sounds, meanings and rules combination that allow for communication among humans
  5. e Draw conclusions from a set of assumptions

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  1. Prevents problem solving, we have a tendency to rely on a a single function for an object and not consider other uses for it
  2. Simple and conveys meaning Ex: "UP!"
  3. The ability to produce language
  4. The area of language concerned with understanding the meaning of words and word combinations
  5. Tendency to only seek information that is likely to support one's decisions and beliefs

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  1. Over regularizationsWord describes wider set of objects than it is meant to


  2. PhonemesThe smallest speech units in a language that can be distinguished


  3. Linguistic relativityThe hypothesis that one's language determines the nature of one's thoughts (Whorf)


  4. FramingThe process by which we generate and evaluate arguments


  5. Representative HeuristicDecision making based on the fact that things which are easily recalled seem to be typical/common