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  1. Mental Set
  2. Receptive Language
  3. Holophrases
  4. Language
  5. Algorithms
  1. a The ability to comprehend, process, and integrate the meaning of language
  2. b Simple and conveys meaning Ex: "UP!"
  3. c A methodical, step by step procedure for trying all possible alternatives to solve a problem
  4. d We have a tendency to only use solutions that have worked in the past
  5. e System of symbols, sounds, meanings and rules combination that allow for communication among humans

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  1. Word describes wider set of objects than it is meant to
  2. The ability to produce language
  3. Mental processes of thinking
  4. The area of language concerned with understanding the meaning of words and word combinations
  5. Think parents influence language development and humans are built well to to learn language

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  1. Over regularizationsWord describes wider set of objects than it is meant to


  2. Deductive reasoningWe reason from specific observations to general propositions


  3. FramingHow problems are asked can have an effect on peoples emotional response


  4. Semantic SlantingDeliberately choosing words to create emotional responses


  5. Linguistic relativityThe hypothesis that one's language determines the nature of one's thoughts (Whorf)


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