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  1. Receptive Language
  2. Phonemes
  3. Semantic Slanting
  4. Compensatory Decision Models
  5. Morphemes
  1. a The smallest units of meaning in a language
  2. b Allows attractive attributes to compensate for unattractive attributes
  3. c The smallest speech units in a language that can be distinguished
  4. d Deliberately choosing words to create emotional responses
  5. e The ability to comprehend, process, and integrate the meaning of language

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  1. Think parents influence language development and humans are built well to to learn language
  2. The hypothesis that one's language determines the nature of one's thoughts (Whorf)
  3. Language is learned through imitation, exposure, and reinforcement (Skinner)
  4. Draw conclusions from a set of assumptions
  5. We reason from specific observations to general propositions

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  1. InsightSystem of symbols, sounds, meanings and rules combination that allow for communication among humans


  2. OverextensionsThe process by which we generate and evaluate arguments


  3. Deep StructureNotion of nouns, verbs, commands


  4. Mental SetSudden discovery of the correct solution


  5. FramingThe process by which we generate and evaluate arguments


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