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  1. Insight
  2. Semantic Slanting
  3. Functional Fixedness
  4. Holophrases
  5. Morphemes
  1. a The smallest units of meaning in a language
  2. b Prevents problem solving, we have a tendency to rely on a a single function for an object and not consider other uses for it
  3. c Simple and conveys meaning Ex: "UP!"
  4. d Sudden discovery of the correct solution
  5. e Deliberately choosing words to create emotional responses

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  1. A methodical, step by step procedure for trying all possible alternatives to solve a problem
  2. Think parents influence language development and humans are built well to to learn language
  3. Do not allow some attributes to compensate for others
  4. Draw conclusions from a set of assumptions
  5. Lacks non-important words Ex: "Give doll"

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  1. Surface StructureNotion of nouns, verbs, commands


  2. Over regularizationsWord describes wider set of objects than it is meant to


  3. Expressive LanguageThe ability to produce language


  4. Linguistic relativityWe reason from specific observations to general propositions


  5. Confirmation BiasTendency to only seek information that is likely to support one's decisions and beliefs