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Dr Barbaree Auburn University

MS2 and Qbeta Phages

What are Lytic Single Stranded Phages?

Family: Retroviridae
Genus: Lentivirus
Species: Human Immunodeficiency Virus

What is HIV virus?

Polio & Rotovirus

What are Enteric Viruses?

Influenza, Measles, and Rhinoviruses

What are Respiratory Viruses?

Dengue & West Nile Virus

What is Zoonotic Virus?


What are Animal to Human Viruses?

Family: Poxvirus

What is Small Pox?

Family: Herpesvirus
herpes-Genus: Simplexvirus
chicken pox/shingles-Genus: Varicellovirus

What is Cold Sores/Chicken Pox/Shingles?

Family: Hepadnavirus
Genus: Hepatitis B virus

What is Hepatitis B/Liver Cancer?

Family: Adenovirus

What is Common Cold/Viral Meningitis

Family: Papovavirus

What is Warts/Cervical Cancer?

Family: Parvovirus

What is Fifth Disease/Gastroenteritis?

Ramily: Retrovirus

What is AIDS?

Family: Togavirus

What is Rubella/Encephalitis?

Family: Flavivirus

What is Yellow Fever/Dengue Fever/West Nile Virus/Hepatitis C?

Family: Coronavirus

What is SARS?

Family: Orthomyxovirus

What is Influenza?

Family: Filovirus

What is Ebola/Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever?

Family: Rhabdovirus

What is Rabies?

Family: Paramyxovirus

What is Mumps/Measles?

Family: Arenavirus

What is Lassa Fever?

Family: Picornavirus

What is Common Cold/Polio/Hepatits A?

Family: Calicivirus/Reovirus

What is Gastroenteritis?

Family: Bunyavirus
Genus: Hantavirus

What is HPS?

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