17 terms

AAS 201 Exam #1

Race is
socially constructed. Therefore it is NOT a biological fact based on physical features.
Jane Elliott's excuse
Evil is perpetuated mainly by highly intelligent and highly organized white supremacy group
WP False
Whiteness is only made visible with white gaze
WP Part 3 False
White privilege is an invention by people of color and keep whites feeling guilty
Horatio Alger's stories of rags to riches
Examples that support the nation of meritocracy
Meritocracy is
a and b; a privilege and a myth
An example of WP is rich gay men in the entertainment industry
market dynamics
color bind racism are group
s cultural limitation, natural occurring phenomena and __________.
Meritocracy / individualism
There are 4 frames that people try to explain racial injustice: biologization of culture, naturalization, minimization or racism and _________________.
White supremacy
white privilege derives from a system of __________.
Class privilege derives from ____________.
Male privilege derives from ____________.
Heterosexual privilege derives from a system of
Matrix of Domination
An interlocking system of oppression
The other side of racism or a set of advantages for people deemed as white
Color blind racism
Racial ideology to explain and justify the racial status quo as a result of non racial dynamics
White Supremacy (definition)
Radicalized social systems that award systematic privileges to European over non Europeans.