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  1. hemodilution
  2. systole
  3. Class 1
  4. Class 3
  5. aortic atresia
  1. a down in blood Hgb and RBC
  2. b Na+ channel blockers
  3. c k+ channel blockers
  4. d cardiac contraction
  5. e small or underdeveloped aorta

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  1. pharmaceutical that changes the heart rate up or down
  2. relief of symptoms only without healing or repair
  3. sympathomimetic amines
  4. backflow of blood through a valve
  5. are between lungs containing the heart, great vessels, trachea, esophagus, thymus

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  1. Class 2beta blockers


  2. Vaughn-Williams Classificationdown in blood Hgb and RBC


  3. inotropepharmaceutical that changes the heart rate up or down


  4. fibrinogenpercursor to fibrin in the clotting process


  5. plasminblood enzyme that digest fibrin, thus dissolving clots