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Auris, auris, f.


frigus, frigoris, n.


genus, generis, n.

type, kind

glacies, glaciei, f.


iter, itineris, n.

road, trip

nix, novis, f.


onus, oneris, n.

weight, burden

dissimilis, dissimile


facilis, facile


humilis, humile

low, humble

gracilis, gracile


addo, ere, addidi, additum

to add

conor, conari, conatus sum

to try

demitto, ere, demisi, demissum

to send down

fero, ferre, tule, latum

to carry, bear

fio, fieri, factus sum

to be made

labor, labi, lapsus sum

to slide

moderor, moderari, moderatus sum

to manage

pervenio, ire, perveni, perventum

to arrive

progredior, progredi, progressus sum

to go forward, proceed


as often as

simul ac

as soon as

animum demitto

to let my spirit sink, become dejected

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