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roaring twenties

nickname for the 1920's becasue of the booming economy and fast pace of life during that era.


A dance that originated that originated as an African American folk dance in the South and became popular in the Roaring Twenties

consumer culture

a culture created by the advertising media in which personal worth and identity reside not in ourselves but in the products with which we surround ourselves


An arrangement for buying something now with borrowed money and paying for it

installment buying

paying for items in small monthly payments

League of Women Voters

League formed in 1920 advocating for women's rights, among them the right for women to serve on juries and equal pay laws

Jazz Age

Name for the 1920s, because of the popularity of jazz-a new type of American music that combined African rhythms, blues, and ragtime


a performance given extempore without planning or preparation

Harlem Renaissance

a period in the 1920s when African-American achievements in art and music and literature flourished

Equal Rights Amendments

A proposed but unratified amendment first introduced in 1923 by Alice aul for the purpose of guaranteeing equal rights for all Americans regardless of gender.

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