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Powerpoint Matching Section

The PowerPoint view in which the window is divided into three panes-the Slide pane, the left pane containing the Slides and Outline tabs, and the Notes pane.
List level
Levels of text on a slide identified by the indentation, size of text, and bullet assigned to that level.
Bullet point
An individual line of bulleted text on a slide.
A box with dotted borders that is part of most slide layouts and that holds text or objects such as charts, tables, and pictures.
Text alignment
A feature that changes the horizontal placement of text within a placeholder.
A set of characters with the same design and shape.
Sizing handle
A circle or square surrounding a selected object that is used to adjust its size.
Black slide
A slide that displays at the end of the slide show to indicate that the presentation is over.
Notes pane
An area of the Normal View window used to type notes that can be printed below a picture of each slide.
Notes page
A printout that contains the slide image in the top half of the page and speaker notes typed in the Notes pane in the lower half of the page.
A file upon which a presentation can be based.
A set of unified design elements that provides a look for your presentation, using colors, fonts, and graphics.
Theme font
A theme that determines the font applied to two types of slide text-headings and body.
Headings font
A font applied to slide titles.
Body font
A font applied to all slide text except titles.
Background style
A slide background fill variation that combines theme colors in different intensities or patterns.
A text style used to create decorative effects in a presentation.
Fill color
The inside color of text or an object.
A command that removes selected text or graphics from a presentation and then moves the selection to the Clipboard.
A temporary storage area maintained by the operating system.
Reuse Slides
A command used to insert slides from another presentation into an existing presentation so that content does not need to be recreated.
Picture effects
Formatting options applied to pictures that include shadows, reflections, glows, soft edges, bevels, and 3-D rotations.
Lines that display in the rulers to give you a visual indication of where the pointer is positioned.
Objects such as lines and circles that can be used as design elements on a slide.
Text box
An object used to position text anywhere on a slide.
The action of moving an object in small increments by using the directional arrows keys.
Multiple objects treated as one unit that can be copied, moved, or formatted.
Gradient fill
A fill effect in which one color fades into another.
SmartArt graphics
A designer-quality visual representation of information that you can use to communicate your message or ideas effectively by choosing from among many different layouts.
Convert to SmartArt Graphic
A command used to change a list into a SmartArt graphic.