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Chapter 5: Let's Apply to College


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college application
An Application for Undergraduate
college application requests
information about a student's academic activities and extracurricular (extra = outside of; curricular = the classroom) activities.
The personal statement essay
an essay addressing a prompt and discussing some aspect of the student's life or experiences.
A transcript
an official list of a student's grades.
A letter of recommendation
a letter from an teacher, counselor or other adult vouching for a student's good character, academic ability and integrity.
The college admissions committee
reviews the student's college application (personal
statement essay, transcript and other
documents) to determine if the college and
the student are a good match, and makes an
offer of admission to the student.
When a student accepts the offer of admission...
he or she proceeds by filing a Statement of Intent to Register ("SIR") or Statement of Intent to Enroll ("SIE").