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Chapter 6: Move-In Day


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Move-In Day
is the day students arrive at college to move into their residence hall and meet other incoming freshmen.
A Personal Information Survey
a series of questions about a student's lifestyle, designed to enable a college housing office to make a successful roommate match.
The Resident Assistant (R.A.)
an older student who supervises the residence hall and acts as a peer counselor, advisor and friend to new students.
A freshman
a student in his or her first year of college.
A sophomore i
a second year student. Junior refers to a student in the third year of college.
A senior
a student in their fourth, or last year of college.
A Roommate Contract
a written agreement between roommates addressing rules and guidelines for living together, avoiding and resolving conflict.
A Dean
an administrative officer in charge of a college, faculty, or division in a university. (A Dean is addressed by title "Dean")