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Chapter 8: Game On! College Sports


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The National Collegiate Athletic Association
governs most U.S. men's and women's
college sports.
The NCAA divides colleges into how many
competitive divisions?
are grouped by conferences.
Intercollegiate sports
take place between different colleges competing in the same division.
Intramural sports
competitive, but recreational college sports.
NCAA recruiting regulations
are contact (communication) rules which prospective student-athletes and college coaches must follow in order for the student to be eligible
to play for the college.
Academic eligibility rules
require a student-athlete to meet certain GPA, test
score, and course requirements to play intercollegiate sports.
Title IX
federal law requiring that women be provided with an equal opportunity in sports.
A redshirt athlete
college student athlete withheld by the coach from
competition for one academic year, often to extend the athlete's NCAA four-year eligibility period.
A walk-on
a student who becomes part of the college team without being recruited.