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Chapter 14: Let's Graduate!


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A graduation ceremony
a senior thesis
As a condition to receiving their degree, some students complete a senior thesis which is an extensive research, writing or design project within their major.
a document certifying that the student has earned a bachelor's degree.
Students with exceptional GPA's:
graduate with the academic distinction of cum laude (honor), magna cum laude (high honor), or
summa cum laude (highest honors).
(post = after; graduate = college graduation) courses can be taken to earn a degree more advanced than a bachelor's degree.
graduate school
The part of a college or university where a student takes postgraduate courses
A Master's Degree
an advanced degree awarded for completing a
course of study at a graduate school.
A Doctorate
the highest degree awarded by a graduate school.
A dissertation
an extensive project completed as a condition to award of the doctoral degree.
Alumnus (m) / Alumna (f)
the life-long designation given to a graduate of a college or university. The plural is alumni.