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Chapter 15: How to Ruin A College Career


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Campus Drug and Alcohol Policy
a lengthy publication explaining a college's
policies and procedures governing the use of drugs and alcohol within the
academic community.
Binge drinking
refers to the heavy consumption of alcohol over a short period of time.
Good Samaritan Policies
are also known as Medical Amnesty Policies which
shield students from punishment when they call 911 for medical help during an emergency relating to alcohol or other drugs.
A dry campus
the use and possession of alcohol is banned on campus at all times, even at sporting event tailgates.
A semi-dry campus
alcohol is partially banned, and may be possessed only by students over the age of 21.
Substance-free housing
also known as substance-free residence ("sub-free
res" or "sub-free dorm") is a dormitory residence available on most campuses which prohibits or severely restricts residents' possession or use of alcohol.