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Academic Writing Podcast Part 1b

You can hear all these words in context via Academic Writing Podcast on iTunes and at http://academics.hse.ru/podcasts.Podcasts 8&9. Academic Writing Vocab Cards from the Higher School of Economics, Moscow, come in 3 ways. Part_1a is a word with a definition; Part_1b is a word with a sample sentence; Part_1c is the same word with a gapped sentence. This is a uni program so everything is absolutely free, including scripts in pdfs. Keep in touch!
carry out
We are planning to carry out a series of experiments to test out hypothesis.
set up
She set up a series of experiments investigating customers' reactions.
work out
They have noticed some repetitive pattern but have not worked out the system yet.
go against
What we have observed goes against current theories of customers' behaviour.
look/go back over
He went over the events of the day in his mind.
point out / point up
The study points out the weakness in the current school system.
set out
He set out his objections to the plan.
put forward
Our aim is to put forward a theory suggested by the results of some recent experimental work.
a large / great amount of
The server is designed to store huge amounts of data.
a large number of (substantial, considerable, significant, total, fair, reasonable, acceptable, surprising)
The task involves a large number of cases and has many different input parameters.
the bulk of
The bulk of the population lives in cities.
as a whole
The effect will be beneficial for our city and for the country as a whole.
shed (cast, throw) new light on
Experts hope the plane's flight recorders will shed light on the cause of the crash.
in the light of
Biodiversity must be protected, especially in light of the complex global environmental challenges.
illuminate (understanding)
This text illuminates the philosopher's early thinking.
elucidate basic principles
The calls this paper explore can not be elucidated through traditional empirical description.
glaring discrepancy
The work, unfortunately, contains glaring contradictions.
The report highlights the major problems facing society today.