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Academic Writing Podcast Part 1c

You can hear all these words in context via Academic Writing Podcast on iTunes and at http://academics.hse.ru/podcasts.Podcasts 8&9. Academic Writing Vocab Cards from the Higher School of Economics, Moscow, come in 3 ways. Part_1a is a word with a definition; Part_1b is a word with a sample sentence; Part_1c is the same word with a gapped sentence. This is a uni program so everything is absolutely free, including scripts in pdfs. Keep in touch!
carry out
We are planning to _________ a series of experiments to test out hypothesis.
set up
She ________ a series of experiments investigating customers' reactions.
work out
They have noticed some repetitive pattern but have not _________ the system yet.
go against
What we have observed ___________ current theories of customers' behaviour.
look/go back over
He _________ the events of the day in his mind.
point out / point up
The study ________ the weakness in the current school system.
set out
He _______ his objections to the plan.
put forward
Our aim is to ___________ a theory suggested by the results of some recent experimental work.
a large / great amount of
The server is designed to store ________ data.
a large number of (substantial, considerable, significant, total, fair, reasonable, acceptable, surprising)
The task involves a ________ cases and has many different input parameters.
the bulk of
The _______ of the population lives in cities.
as a whole
The effect will be beneficial for our city and for the country _______ .
shed (cast, throw) new light on
Experts hope the plane's flight recorders will __________ the cause of the crash.
in the light of
Biodiversity must be protected, especially ________ the complex global environmental challenges.
illuminate (understanding)
This text ________ the philosopher's early thinking.
elucidate basic principles
The calls this paper explore can not be ________ through traditional empirical description.
glaring discrepancy
The work, unfortunately, contains ________ contradictions.
The report _______ the major problems facing society today.