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To Take, Capture

Consilium Capere

To make a plan

Cupio, Cupere

To Desire

Facio, Facere

to do, make

Fugio, Fugere

To Flee

Incolo, Incolere

To inhabit, dwell in

Iter Facere

To march, to make journey

Jacio, Jacere

to throw, hurl


Used in asking questions when a no answer is expected


Used in asking questions when a yes answer is expected

Paco, Pacare

To pacify

Quis, Quid

Who, What


indicates a question

Pilum, Pili


Praesidum, Praesidii

Garrison, Protection

Reduco, Reducere

to lead back, draw back

Rejicio, Rejicere

to hurl back, drive back, repel

Remitto, Remiterre

to send back, return, release

Repello, Repellere

To beat back, drive back

Reprimo, Reprimere

To press back, check, restrain

Vivo, Vivere

To live

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