Athens- Chapter 2 and 3

19 terms by rhsdancingangel

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Sacred Gate

outlet for stream, access from Athens to all parts of Greece


architect who built of Navy and harbors


Athens finest military technology

Attic feet

unit of Measurement metras/feet

Long Walls

walls built around athens, connect athens to piraeus


all citizens voted by the the ekklesia


marketplace, main center of city


Government by a single, sovereign ruler.


aristocratic rule


3 were selected every 10 years- 1 for religious dutys, 1 for leading war, 1 for court


the Greek statesman and poet Solon (active 594 B.C.) formulated an influential code of laws and has been regarded as the founder of Athenian democracy


cruel and unjust use of power


divided Athens into 10 new tribes - ostracism


the asssembly of at ( and at least 6000) citizens to vote on exiling certain people


rectangular collum with head of Hermes


person or object took blame for crimes against religion when the vialater was unknown


picked randomly - always an odd number


ancient Athenian philosopher


a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them

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