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Art test 2

the desire to draw is natural as the desire to walk.
Children learn to .... before learning to read and write
Uses of Drawing
Used through the ages for self expression, through science, do studies for artworks, and as a finished work of art
means to push, pull, drag a marking tool across a surface to leave a line or mark
Dry media
Graphite, Charcoal, Chalk, Pastel, Conte' crayon, Colored Pencil are all examples of this type of media
Wet Media
Paint, Ink, Markers are all examples of this type of media
a soft black mineral substance, a form of carbon, available in powder, stick, or other forms
Liquid or paste media containing pigments and used for writing, pen and brush drawing, and printing
Equivalent of painting in Western Culture
3 Components of Paint
Pigment, Binder, vehicle
a substance that imparts black or white or a color to other materials
the substance in a paint that holds together(binds) the pigment and makes the paint stick to whatever it is painted on
that which carries a paint's pigments and is also called a medium or a base
Oil Paint
favorite of Western Culture for a long time. Very archival and has been used by many masters. While drying time tends to be both a bonus & a deterrent(slow drying allows longer to work on the pieces, but minimum drying time is up to six months)
Oil Paint
Slow drying paint made when pigments are mixed with an oil, linseed oil being most traditional
not commonly used today, but was once a very popular media
any paint that uses water as a solvent
A method of painting on plaster, either dry or wet
uses thin transluscent washes applied to heavy paper
Camera Obscura
Origin of present day camera. In its simplest form it consisted of a darkened room or box with a small hole through one wall. Light rays could pass through the hole to transmit an inverted image of the scene outside the room onto a flat surface on its inside.
one of the most important developments in recent history. Most of us cannot imagine life with out the media, and find it difficult when asked to do so
The first commercial photographic process, introduced in Paris in 1839 by Louis J. M. Daguerre (French 1787-1851)
was once a very popular media, especially for newspaper, photography has virtually replaced it as an easy means of illustration, It is still used extensively for screenprinting, as well as, other artistic uses
A print made by cutting a design in side-grain of a block of wood
Relief Printing
Pritning methods in which a block of wood, linoleum or some other material's surface is carved so that an image can be printed from it-- uncarved areas recieving ink which transfers to another surface when the block is pressed against it
In the graphic arts, a method of printing from a prepared flat stone or metal or plastic plate, invented in the late eighteenth century
Screen Printing
A stencil process of printing in which an image is imposed on a screen of silk or other fine mesh, with blank areas coated with an impermeable substance, and ink is forced through the mesh onto the printing surface
An intaglio Printing process in which an etching needle is used to draw into wax ground applied over a metal plate. The plate is then submerged in a series of acid baths, each biting into the metal surface only where unprotected by the ground
One of intaglio methods used to produce our dollar bills
Intaglio Printing
The collective term for several graphic processes in which prints are made fromink trappped in the grooves in an incised metal plate
Example of Relief Sculpture
US Coins
One of more difficult medias to master
Sculpture in the Round
Intended to be viewed from all sides
made by joining together various components of various materials of the same substance
technique of cutting and abrading the surface of a block of material to shape it into a particular form. Subtractive method of sculpture
To form (molten metal, or liquid plaster or plastic, for ex) into a 3-D shape by pouring into a mold; or something formed by this means
A sculpture technique in which a 3-D form is manipulated in a soft material such a clay
How photography affects my life on a daily basis
(News, Facebook, Internet, Family Pictures)
How would the world be different without photography
History, Wouldnt know what other countries or planets looked like unless having traveled to them
3 Uses of Graphic Design
Advertisement, Billboards, Brochures, Logos, Websites, Business Cards
Main thing to know when designing a BILLBOARD
Audience is moving
What's your favorite use of photography in today's culture?
T.V., Fashion Magazines