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que hubiera seguido

that I had followed

que te hubieras bañado

that you had bathed

que hubiera comido

that she had eaten

que hubiéramos vivdo

that we had lived

que hubierais chocado

that you "guys" had crashed

que se hubieran caído

that they had fallen

que hubiera entregado

that I had turned in / delivered

que hubieras pescado

that you had fished

que hubiera abrazado

that he had hugged

que hubiéramos cruzado

that we had crossed

que hubierais dormido

that you "guys" had slept

que hubiera pedido

that I had ordered

que hubieras sido

that you had been (characteristic)

que hubiera ido

that you (formal) had gone

que hubiéramos dado

that we had given

que hubierais estado

that you "guys" had been (location/condition)

que hubieran dicho

that they had said

que hubiera traído

that I had brought

que te hubieras graduado

that you had graduated

que hubiera servido

that the waiter had served

que hubiéramos mentido

that we had lied

que hubierais tenido

that you "guys" had had

que hubieran leído

that you all (formal) had read

que hubiera conducido

that I had driven

que hubieras cantado

that you had sung

que hubiera escrito

that she had written

que hubiéramos roto

that we had broken

que hubierais venido

that you "guys" had come

que hubieran muerto

that they had died

que hubiera buscado

that I had looked for

que hubieras visto

that you had seen

que hubiera huido

that he had fled

que hubiéramos escogido

that we had chosen

que hubierais reído

that you "guys" had laughed

que hubieran puesto

that they had put

que hubiera producido

that I had produced

que hubieras pegado

that you had hit

que hubiera querido

that she had wanted

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