38 terms

Present Perfect of the subjunctive

que hubiera seguido
that I had followed
que te hubieras bañado
that you had bathed
que hubiera comido
that she had eaten
que hubiéramos vivdo
that we had lived
que hubierais chocado
that you "guys" had crashed
que se hubieran caído
that they had fallen
que hubiera entregado
that I had turned in / delivered
que hubieras pescado
that you had fished
que hubiera abrazado
that he had hugged
que hubiéramos cruzado
that we had crossed
que hubierais dormido
that you "guys" had slept
que hubiera pedido
that I had ordered
que hubieras sido
that you had been (characteristic)
que hubiera ido
that you (formal) had gone
que hubiéramos dado
that we had given
que hubierais estado
that you "guys" had been (location/condition)
que hubieran dicho
that they had said
que hubiera traído
that I had brought
que te hubieras graduado
that you had graduated
que hubiera servido
that the waiter had served
que hubiéramos mentido
that we had lied
que hubierais tenido
that you "guys" had had
que hubieran leído
that you all (formal) had read
que hubiera conducido
that I had driven
que hubieras cantado
that you had sung
que hubiera escrito
that she had written
que hubiéramos roto
that we had broken
que hubierais venido
that you "guys" had come
que hubieran muerto
that they had died
que hubiera buscado
that I had looked for
que hubieras visto
that you had seen
que hubiera huido
that he had fled
que hubiéramos escogido
that we had chosen
que hubierais reído
that you "guys" had laughed
que hubieran puesto
that they had put
que hubiera producido
that I had produced
que hubieras pegado
that you had hit
que hubiera querido
that she had wanted