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River Severn case study


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Where is the river Severn source?
In the Plynlimon hills in north west Wales
What height is the ruver Severn source?
740 metres
How much rainfall does this area receive?
What is the speed of water in the upper course? (in summer)
1000 litres/s
How far from the sea is the source?
What features are in the upper course?
- Vertical erosion
- Large bed load
- Interlocking Spurs
- Steep
- Narrow channel and v valley
What features does the stream have in the upper course?
High capacity and fast flowing
What is a landform in the upper course?
The Severn a Breaks its Neck waterfall
Blaenhafren Falls
What happens after the waterfall?
The land flattens and there is more agricultural use
What is the speed of water after Shrewsbury?
60,000 litres/s
What are the characteristics of the river in the middle course?
- High discharge and velocity
- Wider, deeper channel
- Floodplain present
- Meanders and oxbow lakes
- Bluffs
What processes happen in the middle course?
- Lateral erosion
- Attrition
- Deposition
- Traction and suspension
How far above sea level is the river in the middle course?
30 metres
How fast is the water in the lower course?
104,200 litres/s (9 billion per day)
How wide is the estuary?
13km at mouth
What features does the estuary have?
15 metre mud flat - 2nd largest tidal range in the world
More urbanised surroundings
What is the estuary used for?
Industry due to deep waters - allows boats to enter