9 terms


avant garde movement
-military form meaning front line
-in art it means artist who change how we see society
"Nude Descending a Staircase"
-Marcel Duchamp
-looking to cubism but this conveys movement...looks at chronophotographs
-the Avant Garde salon rejects it so he sends it to the Armory show in America
"In Advance to a Broken Arm"
-ready made
-wanted to make it difficult to define art
-an object that is not changed and is displayed in an art setting
Duchamp's respose to "what is art?" and "what is an artist?"
-"something created by an artist"
-"someone who creates art"
-solidifies him as a Dada leader in NYC
-it's only accepted when the jury knows he submitted it...proves his argument for what art is
-commentary on consumerism and materialsm
Characteristics of Dada
1) Rejected rationality and tradition
2) Anarchist and anti-art (sought to subvert and undermine the current value system, both political and artistic)
3) celebrated chance, nonsense, and the absurd (created art that would offend, scandalize, and shock)
4)No stylistic unity
-readymade assisted
-he's defacing the Mona Lisa like the world has already done by selling copies
-plays w/ works....when sounded on phonetically in French it sounds like "She's got a hot ass"
readymade assisted
-found object that's modified