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If Kate promises to give Uli a stero and Uli has done nothing in return for her promise:

C) both (a) and (b).

If an offer does not state a time for acceptance, it is:

A) valid for a "reasonable time," which depend on the circumstances of the offer.

Which of the following lacks legal value:

C) both (a) and (b).

An oral contract, which was required by contract law to be in writing is:


A counteroffer:

impliedly rejects an offer.

The UCC defines "goods" as:

tangible personal property.

When an offeree uses an unauthorized means of acceptance, the acceptance is:

C) effective upon receipt by the offeror

A promise exchanged for an act is an example of a:

B) a unilateral contract

In an option contract:

all of the above.

Shoddy Roofing Company agrees to do the roofing on a building owned by Tacky Construction Company for $50,000. One week after Shoddy finishes work, over 20% of the shingles fall off due to improper installation. Tacky promises Shoddy an additional $10,000 to reinstall the fallen shingles, and Shoddy does so. Then Tacky refuses to pay Shoddy more than $50,000 for the work. Which is a true statement?

) Shoddy is not entitled to any more than $50,000 for its work.

If Gwen hands Pia a detailed offer for the purchase of Pia's pottery wheel, and Pia signs the offer without changing any of its terms:

A) the parties have created a bilateral contract.

If an offeree dispatches both an acceptance and a rejection to an offer:

whichever response reaches the offeror first will determine whether a contract is created.

Gregg Biglieri moves into a tough Philadelphia neighborhood and opens a repair shop. Which of the following would the law consider a "preexisting duty":

all of the above.

Beck tells his mom that he is thinking of selling his vintage coupe to his neighbor, Sam, for $100. Beck's mom calls Sam. Sam calls Beck and tells him that he accepts his offer. Under these circumstances:

B) the offer has not been communicated.

Bill says to his daughter, "I'm glad you stopped hanging out with Tom. I'll give you $50." Bill has:

B) not given any consideration because his daughter did not stop hanging around Tom in exchange for his promise.

Given an acceptance which employs an authorized means of communication:

acceptance is not effective until dispatch.

On October 25, 1989, Mina Loy sent a letter to Carl Van Vechten which said, "I hereby offer to hire you to paint my house for $4,000 during Thanksgiving break. Your acceptance of this offer must be by first-class mail and must reach me no later than noon on November 1, 1989." Vechten was so excited when he received her letter that he telephoned Loy on October 26 and said "I accept." Which is a true statement?

D) There is no acceptance and no contract in this situation.

The doctrine of promissory estoppel:

B) protects reliance, not bargains.

Which of the following is a solicitation of an offer:

both (a) and (b)

A promise exchanged for a promise is an example of:

A) a bilateral contract.

If Peggy tells Larry, "I'll give you $50 if you stand on your head for one hour":

B) Larry must stand on his head to accept Peggy's offer.

Mack's Bar sent Olive Outlet an order for 200 cases of olives, to be shipped "as soon as possible." The day Olive Outlet receives Mack's order, it ships the olives. Later that day, Mack phones the Outlet and tries to revoke his offer. Under these circumstances:

A) A contract was created when Outlet shipped the olives.

In general, performing a preexisting duty:

B) is not consideration.

On January 1, 2006 Bev owed $5,000 on her car loan. The loan was due in May 2006. On January 1, 2006, Bev sent the lender a check for $4,000 marked "in full payment" of the loan. The lender cashes the check. Under these circumstances:

C) Bev can avoid paying the $1,000.

Joe pays Ann to mow his lawn and Ann mows Vanna's lawn by mistake. Vanna peers out her window and sees Ann mowing, yet says nothing to Ann about her mistake since Vanna needs to have her lawn mowed. When Ann approaches Vanna for payment, Vanna refuses, arguing that she never asked Ann to mow her lawn. Under these circumstances, Ann can recover payment from Vanna under:

B) quasi contract.

Contracts for the sale of goods are:

D) not covered by the UCC.

Ben makes an agreement with Seth for Seth to steal Professor Smith's laptop computer. The agreement between Ben and Seth is:


A promise exchanged for a promise is an example of:

A) a bilateral contract.

The UCC:

A) sometimes imposes a higher standard of behavior on merchants than non-merchants.

A contract must:

D) all of the above.

A promise exchanged for an act is an example of a:

A) a bilateral contract.

Compared with common law, the UCC is:

more flexible.

The UCC defines "goods" as:

B) tangible personal property.

Performing a preexisting duty

is not consideration

under the UCC, if the original agreement requires any modification to be an writing, an oral modification is


which of the following lacks legal value

Both A and B

Condiseration is

All of the above

under the UCC agreements to modify contracts for the sale of goods

need no new consideration to be binding


the owrk that able did on the farm before his parents made their promise is sufficient consideration

bills ays to his daughter I'm galld you stop chillin with tom

not given any consideration

Olaf's wife promised to pay him 50 to stop biting nails

all of theabove

on january 1 bev owed money

Bev can avoid payin the 1K

if kate promises togive Uli a radio

uli cannot enforce, and has not given adequate consideration

In an acution

bidders are treated as offerers

If an offer doesnot state a time for acceptance it is

valid for a resonable time

schrinwrap contract

all of the above

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