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Chapter 3-5 To Kill a Mockingbird

Study guide
Why CAN'T Walter pass the first grade?
He needed to work for his family part of the school year?
What does Walter do to his lunch? How does Scout react to this?
pours syrup all over his food. Scout is surprised by his action and questions him. Calpurnia yelled at Scout for her insults and has her to eat the rest of her lunch in the kitchen
Who is Miss. Caroline?
The first grade teacher
Why did Miss. Caroline scream?
at the cootie's in Burris's hair
What do you think the Ewell children only come to school on the first day?
The Ewells don't respect school or authority in his family
What do you think is the reason many Maycomb children need to stay at home for the rest of the year?
Many children needed to work at home because of the Depression
How did Burris treats Miss. Caroline?
Very rudely and no respect
What is Atticus's solution when Scout tells him that she doesn't want to go back to school?
he offers to compromise, if Scout goes to school, they will continue to read together every night
What is the gossip of the Ewells?
That the Ewell family has a long history of being very poor; they live like animals.
What treasures do Scout and Jem find in the knothole of the tree?
Gum, and two Indian Head pennies
How does Scout end up in the yard in front of the Radley house?
rolled into the yard in a tire.
What new game do the kids create? How is it played?
"Boo Radley". They act out scenes as each member of the family.
What is a hot spring? Who believes in hot springs?
Ghosts/ someone who can't get to heaven. Jem, Dill and Scout believe in them because they are superstitions.
Scout says that Atticus's return was the second reason she wanted to quit playing. What was the first reason?
She heard someone laughing inside the house.
Describe Miss Maudie
Widow; hates the indoors; works in her yard; friendly mother or grandmother-figure to the children.
According to Miss Maudie, what is a "foot-washing" Baptist?
A strict Baptist who believes that anything that is pleasurable is a sin; spends all their time reading the Bible and takes the Bible literal.
What is the plan to get Boo Radley to come? How well does the plan work? Why?
gave him a note to ask him to come out; they hang it from a fishing pole and try to stick it into the window. Atticus catches them and stops the plan
"You act like you grew ten inches in the night," Scout tells Dill. What does she mean?
Like he had matured overnight and knows everything.