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  1. bronchiolar disorders (diagnosis)
  2. cystic fibrosis
  3. bronchiectasis (cause)
  4. bronchiectasis (clinical)
  5. asthma (clinical)
  1. a HRCT (tree-in-bud opacities)
  2. b bacterial, viral, allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis
  3. c chronic cough, foul-smelling sputum
  4. d autosomal recessive, multi-organ (lung, pancrease, repro), CFTR defect
  5. e triad (wheezing, chronic episodic dyspnea, chronic cough), pulsus paradoxus

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  1. airway inflammation
  2. tram track shadows (thickened bronchial walls)
  3. abn dilation of bronchi (inflamm/destruction bronchial walls)
  4. pancreatic enzy replacement, antibiotics, bronchodilators, dornase alfa (sputum), inhaled tobramycin (pseudomal)
  5. in Japan, cough w/ purulent sputum

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  1. cystic fibrosis (diagnosis)meconium ileus, steatorrhea, salty-tasting skin, pancreatic insufficiency, malasborption, azoospermia


  2. asthma (diagnosis)airway hyperresponsiveness


  3. advanced cystic fibrosismultidrug resistant Burkholderia cepacia


  4. airway wall remodelingairway hyperresponsiveness


  5. asthma (hallmark)triad (wheezing, chronic episodic dyspnea, chronic cough), pulsus paradoxus