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ITGS Chapter 9 - Business (Transportation)

Key terms for the ITGS specific scenario 'Business'. These terms relate to transportation businesses, covered in chapter 9 of the textbook (www.itgstextbook.com).

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fleet management
Software to track and manage fleets of vehicles, including route planning and data analysis functions.
fleet tracking
Software to display the location of vehicles, such as trucks or taxis.
full body scanners
Security system used at airports to produce a digital image of passengers 'without clothes'.
System of satellites that allows a user to determine their position on Earth using a special receiver.
intelligent cars
Cars incorporating IT to improve driver safety and comfort.
package tracking
Use of RFID and a web site to show customers the location of packages awaiting delivery.
price comparison sites
Sites which aggregate price data from a variety of sources to offer customers the best deal.
real-time data collection
Data logging systems which report data as soon as it is collected.
remote vehicle disabling
Ability to disable a vehicle over a computer network if it has been stolen
System of tags which contain data that can be read from a distance using radio waves.
route planning
Software to plan the optimum route between two points.
Input devices used to measure physical traits, such as sound, heat, or light.
smart cars
Cars incorporating IT to improve driver safety and comfort.