42 terms


sin=an offense against
god and others
sin is a failure to
sin is a failure to love who?
god and others
when we sin we put ourselves above
our society tends to ignore the existance of
when we ignore the existance of sin, we cannot fix ?
if we cannot fix it, then we cannot fix ?
our relationship with God
to recieve the grace offered to us through Jesus deatha nd resurrection we must
have a change of heart
wehave a change of heart by recognixing our faults so that
we are open to Jesus changing our heart
the genesis story of original sin shows us
what sin is truly about
human beings are weak to
humans choose to ignore
humans choose their own will over
gods will
when we sin
we become alienated from God
we push ourselves away from
our sin has a
scripture continues to reveal God as a loving God who forgive those who
turn away from him
Gods loving forgivness= God's covenant with the
God sends his son to offer his life for the sins of
Jesus repaired a world that was
damaged by sin
through what act was humanity damaged
original sin
through what act was humanity restored
Jesus dying
the mark
sin is missing our mark or
the goal we are setting for ourselves
our mark is GOD AND our goal is to foolow
God's will for us
we become off center meaning that
we lose our focus on the goal
pesha=rebellion, stubborness,
being hard hearted
sin is an attitude of knowing better than God, or
being rebellious against his will
sin often takes root in our hearts, because sin is a
failure to love god
awon refers to consequences of
sinful actions
sin created broken
lawlessness=breaking the commandments and the
law of love
injustice=ignoring the teachings of christ to
care for those in need
falsehood and darkness=being opposed ti the truth developed in ?
the life and teachings of christ
Jesus is the light....
leading us out of darkness
Jesus name=
god saves
Jesus warned people of sin in both our____________________________<______________,+---------------
actions, inactions, and our attitudes
Jesus is the divine
Jesus healed sinners in his time and
continues to heal us today
jesus showed his divine power of healing through his
to live in truth God calls us to repent for our sins, believe in Gods forgiving love, and to live the good news of love and
share it with everyone