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Vocab of the Fcat 2.0 part4


to force away or apart


the process of making more organisms of the same kind


the motion of one object around another object


the turning of an object on its axis

sedimentary rock

a type of rock formed from layers of sediment


the loose top layer of earth's surface made of weathered rock and organic matter

solar system

a system of planets and other bodies that orbits a star


a group of the same kind of organisms that can mate and produce offspring that can reproduce


the distance traveled by an object in a given amount of time


a seedlike structure that produces a new plant


the male reproductive structure of a flowering plant


a large object in space that is made of gas and produces its own light

state of matter

the form matter can take


the color of the powder of a mineral when it is rubbed on a streak plate


the use of scientific knowledge and processes to solve practical problems

temperate zone

a climate zone located between the tropics and the polar circles generally characterizes by moderate temperatures rather than extremely hot or cold temperatures

testable(scientifically testable)

a term used to describe a question that can be answered through an experiment or observation


a physical property of a solid used to describe its surface


multiple sets of measurements or observations in a scientific investigation

tropical zone

a climate zone near the equator characterized by warm temperatures

unbalanced forces

forces that are unequal in size and may or may not be opposite in direction.


a term used to describe the certainty of data or results of an investigation or experiment


an event, condition, or factor that can be changed or controlled in order to study or test a hypothesis in a scientific experiment


an animal that has a backbone


the amount of space an object or substance occupies

water cycle

the continuous movement of water through the environment by evaporation, condensation, and runoff

water vapor

the gas state of water


the condition of the atmosphere at a given time and place


the process by which rocks and other surfaces are broken down


a measure of the force of gravity on an object

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