28 terms

art history 12

statue of coatlicue
aztecs, templo mayor in tenochtitlan
_____ of coat____
statue of coatlicue
aztecs, templo mayor in tenochtitlan
religious house, inka, cuzco
the observatory
machu pichu, inka
the obs_____
the observatory
salon de la princesse
germain boffrand, paris, large room for entertainment
____ de la _____
salon de la princesse
what were pre-columbian books made of and what was their common form
bark covered with lime and an accordion
what were the two mountains symbolized by the great pyramids and how is this symbolism shown
mt toncatepetl- things dealt with water. mt coatepetl- head of eagle and serpents
iconography of the statues of coatlicue and coyolxauhqui, the location and the myth story
skirt made from serpents, bells on her cheek, templo mayor in tenochtitlan, coatlicue got pregnant by a lint ball and her children found out and killed her and when her head was cut off her son living inside her pops out fully grown and kills his brothers and sister and throws his sister's dismembered body down the steps of the temple
why is the location of the coyolxauhqui sculpture important and what does it symbolize
prisoners were sacrificed there and how her brother killed her
what was the fundamental purpose of the aztec rites and blood sacrifices
to return blood and energy back to the gods, sky and earth
what are some of the different geographical regions of the western coast of latin america
andes, lake titicaca
what is a vertical economy and why is it important in the andes
land at different altitudes and to plant food at different altitudes
tiwantinsuyo and how was inka empire connected
land of the four quarters and by four quarters
how was cuzco altered to create the outline of what animald
piazza makes the legs and fortress makes the head of a puma
what were some of the important characteristics of the appearance ad design of the qorikancha
3-4 rooms around the courtyard and it looks like a regular house
how did the inkas set the qorikancha apart visually form other houses
wide band of gold, room dedicated to the sun decorated with gold and room dedicated to the moon decorated with silver
inka respect for stone and rocks in their landscape and specific buildings at machu pichu
they were thought to become people or people become rocks and all rocks were shaped to match each other
how did inkas record information and what kind of information was recorded
quipu and history, poetry, sensis data, astronomical data
was the tunic made for royalty
according to evidence, yes, because of the different textiles and the drawing of the king wearing the tunic
define and describe the main intellectual movement that characterizes the 18th century in europe
enlightenment- new way of thinking critically that the world is entirely independent of religion, myth or tradition on empirical evidence
how does the salon de la princesse exemplify rococo style period
pastel colors, not rectangular shape, swirls and curves for decoration