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Primary role of Clinical pharmacist

Provide info. about med.'s, monitor drug therapy for best patient outcome

Licensing & professional oversight of Pharmacist & Tech.'s

State pharmacy boards

Final responsibility for Tech.'s work

Supervising Pharmacist

What is a pharmacy

Place where medication is compounded and dispensed

What is a tort

Lawsuit brought when one citizen commits personal injuries against another

What is a controlled substance

Drug with potential for abuse organized into 5 Schedules

Purpose of New Drug Application

To make sure drug is safe and effective for humans

What info. included in NDC #

Manufacturer, drug formulation, and type of packaging

Labeling means

Printed or graphic info. on package

What is misbranded product

Product that contains labeling that is false or misleading

What is an adulterated product

Impure product (filthy, putrid substance)

What info. found in product package inserts (PPI's)

Adverse effects, Data/clinical trials, Physical properties

Drugs that require package inserts

Oral inhalers, Birth control, Hormones

What is legend drug

Drug that requires prescription

What does legend state

Caution: Federal law prohibits dispensing w/o prescription

Purpose of NDC (Nat. Drug Code)

To identify & recall products

primary concern of OSHA

Workplace safety

Federal Trade Comm. has regulation over

Business practices


Form of negligence, not meeting standard of care

What is Ethics

Study of standards of conduct, moral judgement, outlines right or wrong of human conduct and character

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