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person who believed there were only animals and plants


single-celled, mobile (protozoans)

Archea, Bacteria, Eukarya

name 3 domains

Monara (Prokaryote), Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia

name the 5 kingdoms


mainly sq.-celled, no nucleus (DNA long, circular stand, nucleoid), no membrane-band organelles, most non-motile


group of prokaryotes that generate oxygen as a waste product of their photosynthesis


decomposing organic material


unicellular (some multicellular), has nucleus, has organelles, 3 types of it

Animal-like; Protozoa

type of protista; hetertrophs, single-celled


examples include cilia, flagella, pseudopods; organism that must get energy from food sources

Plant-like; algae, kelp, euglena

autotroph, no waxy cuticle, reproductive structure=gametangia (sq-celled)


organisms that make their own food

Fungus-like; water mold, slime mold

heterotroph, cell walls, flagellated

Fungi; mushrooms, molds, etc

multicellular, eukaryotes, hetertroph, decomposers, digestion through absorption, cell wall=chitin

Plantae; mosses, ferns, flowers

multicellular, eukaryote, autotroph, waxy cuticle, carbohydrates to starch


multicellular, eukaryote, hetertroph, ingest to digest, carbohydrates to glycogen

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