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Art 1010

Islamic art is unlike Western art because it:
Prohibits figural art in religious contexts
In _______ balance, the two sides of a composition on either side of an imaginary vertical dividing line correspond to one another in size, shape, and placement of form.
The process of printing came to Europe from _______
The first World War led to the Russian Revolution, the rise of the Nazi Party, and Fascism, resulting in artistic:
Censorship and repression
A glaze has a silica base that causes it to vitrify during firing; this means the glaze becomes
Decorated with stories about Vishnu, _______ is one of the most famous monuments of Cambodia
Angkor Wat
Oriental Poppies is typical in style and content of the artist
Georgia O'Keefe
The term for purity, brilliance, or saturation, of a color is:
The first woman to gain widespread notoriety as an artist in the Renaissance was
Sofonisba Anguissola
The Terra Cotta Warriors were found in the tomb of Emperor _______, from whom China takes its name
Film depends on a phenomenon called _______ in which the human brain retains a visual image for a fraction of a second longer than the human eye records, making everything we see continuous and uninterrupted
Persistence of vision
The goal of graphic design is to
Get us to do something
When an artist places parallel lines closely together to create shade in a drawing, it is referred to as _______.
One of Russian filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein's major contributions to film was his skilled use of_______ to heighten the dramatic intensity
The works of Joseph Beuys, Ana Mendieta, and Guillermo Gomez-Pena are examples of
Performance Art
The fraction that appears in the center of a print below the image is referred to as the _______ number
The art of composing printed material from letterforms is called
Totalitarian governments between the wars officially required a socially and politically 'correct' form of art, social realism; its goal was
Retreat from the modern art
Niki de Saint Phalle's works, which she 'killed' with nails, dirt, darts, etc., show the continuing influence of
In which of the following media does the artist draw an image with a greasy crayon directly on a flat stone slab?
Art theories that focus attention on the composition of the work and how earlier works may have influenced it are called
The _______ used today is/are similar to drawing media used by prehistoric people
Drawings done with ink thinned with water and executed with a brush are referred to as _______.
Edward Muybridge is best known for photographing people and animals in:
Sexual ecstasy as a metaphor for divine love is found in the art of the
Engraving, etching and _______ are intaglio processes
_______ is the appearance or condition of oneness in a work of art.
A preparatory drawing is often called a:
The ancient Sumerians developed the world's first wheel, plow and _______.
Writing System
The _______of Mali are especially noted for their carved wooden antelope figure headdresses.
Gothic builders were able to open large areas for windows because of the use of the pointed arch and
The sizing of figures as determined by social rank is called
Hierarchic Scale
The Constructivists declared that the main element in their works was not mass but:
Lithography is a surface or _______ printing process
A(n) _______ work of art is one in which an artist is physically involved with the production of the work of art.
One feature that set Gothic architecture apart from Romanesque was the extensive use of
Stained Glass
Events that shook up the world at the beginning of the 20th century included Sigmund Freud's work on the subconscious mind and the invention of:
The airplane
The phenomenon when positive and negative space change places, as seen in M.C. Escher's Sky and Water I woodcut print, is called
Figure ground reversal
To evaluate a work of art properly, we must deal with it in the context of
The society that produced it
The _______ cut is a modern development in relief printing
The Parthenon was designed to honor
The Hopis and Zunis call the invisible life force spirits _______.
A promoter of environmentalism and social problems, this artist is known primarily for photographs of the natural environment, such as Clearing Winter Storm, Yosemite National Park, California
Ansel Adams
Eugene Delacroix was famous for his painterly qualities, meaning he used paint to:
Define shapes by color
The symbolic meaning of visual signs and imagery is called:
Non-Italic typesetting is known as _______ type.
The Style (De Stijl) was started in the Netherlands, inspired by Cubism, and had as its goal
Universal harmony
Weaving combines and interlaces lengthwise and cross fibers, called
Warp and weft
The Post-Impressionists felt the Impressionists did not allow room for
Personal expression
Repetition of similar elements in a work of art creates the illusion of
Georgia O'Keeffe is well known for both painting and drawing:
The rubber-edged tool used in silk-screening is called a(n) _______
The method of creating the illusion of depth on a 2-D surface through the appearance of converging parallel lines and one or more vanishing points is called _______.
Linear Perspective
An illustration is commonly used alongside
Written Material
The Roman aqueduct Pont du Gard is a good example of the _______ method of construction
One of the advantages of oil paint is its
Slow drying time
A subcategory of constructed sculpture seen in the works of Deborah Butterfield that lets artists use familiar objects in new ways is called
This book illustrates the most respected form of Muslim calligraphy
Sesshu painted in a style that was called haboku, meaning
Flung ink
A type of painting utilizing plaster as a medium is _______.